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Graduate Program: Sales Track

  • Brussels
  • Telework partially allowed
  • Full-time
  • < 2 year(s)

Job description

At Zerocopy, it's all about education. So we focus a lot on training and educating our own teams. That's why we decided to set up our Graduate Program: Sales Track. An intensive 18-month program that will transform you from a graduate to a business professional.

We know how to set up win-win partnerships with the best advertisers and employers and we will teach you how it works! In no time, you'll be helping your own portfolio of partners join our student community. You'll learn all about selling, play a crucial role in managing and growing the business, and learn a lot about entrepreneurship.

With our Graduate Program, you'll launch your career, gain skills that will support you throughout your career , and be ready to grow within Zerocopy, or outside of Zerocopy! 

The program starts with a Sales Bootcamp : an exciting and challenging month with a steep learning curve. The objective of this bootcamp? A crash course in sales to help you get started as early as possible and check if this career path is right for you.

Once you have successfully completed our Sales Bootcamp, your training continues! Your mission as a Sales Trainee is to get in touch with potential partners, check if we can help them and introduce them to Zerocopy! Go all out during the sales training, work regularly, trust the process and you will break even in 4-6 months!

Once you're a profitable team member, you'll have additional management responsibilities.

Learn the skills and art of sales with our sales trainings :

  • Identify potential partners

  • Connect with potential partners via email and phone

  • Introduce Zerocopy to potential partners

  • Prepare the partnership for the account manager


  • Depending on your interests, skills, and progress, you'll take Zerocopy to the next level by managing your own part of the business.

  • Some of the management positions: B2C Marketing, B2B Marketing, Zerocopy City Managers Program, Zerocopy Ambassador Program, Recruitment, Operations, ...


  • You just graduated with a bachelor's or master's degree (or soon).

  • You are fluent in English and your mother tongue is French or Dutch.

But above all:

  • You are a rebel at heart

  • You are eager to learn the skills and art of sales

  • You have a positive entrepreneurial attitude

  • You have very good verbal and written communication skills

  • You're always ready to learn more and grow

  • You are well organized and structured

  • You listen to and accept feedback

Why apply?

Zerocopy is an ambitious company with triple-digit growth. We are a place for young entrepreneurial minds. Driven by our passion for making education more affordable, we work hard to go beyond our own limits.

  • A dynamic environment in the heart of Brussels (BeCentral);

  • A culture of open-mindedness based on learning and development of oneself and the team;

  • You manage your work yourself : you will have freedom and responsibility from the start;

  • Being part of the story of a growing company is not only exciting, it's also an asset to your career ;

  • You will create your own development opportunities within Zerocopy;

  • A salary that increases rapidly based on your progress and performance.

  • The above is so serious that we almost forget the biggest reason to join us: we are having fun ! Afterworks, dinners, Hercules Trophy, Ski trip, BeCentral parties etc...

The package also includes:

  • A telephone subscription;

  • Internal and external  training;

  • A computer ;

  • Meal  vouchers;

  • A 13th month.

Conduct of interviews

Scaling is all about finding the right people in the right places! That's why we put a lot of effort into our recruitment process:

  • Round 1: Apply!

  • Round 2: 30-minute conference call to meet

  • Round 3: 3 hours of evaluation in our offices

Our goal is to complete the entire process in 1 week.

Tip: Be yourself! If this mission is for you, the process will tell. If it's not for you, the process will tell you too. Trust yourself, trust the process! Good luck!

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