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Every student knows how expensive it is to print their lectures, especially during exam periods, when the grade quickly climbs after hundreds of printouts! Imagine a world in which copies are free for students and education is accessible... Know that this world does exist, and that's thanks to Zerocopy!

Zerocopy's deepest ambition is to make education affordable. They are convinced that education is the most important investment for our future, and that it should be accessible to all, regardless of socio-economic background. By relying on funding from advertising to make it possible to print for free, they democratize access to quality education that is accessible to all.

No more expensive studies! Zerocopy is a Belgian start-up that allows students to print their documents without taking anything out of their pocket! How? The concept gets its funding from advertising. Zerocopy partners with companies and organizations that connect with their student community by embedding black and white banner ads at the bottom of pages.

And they don't stop there! Driven by their passion for making education more accessible, the Zerocopy team also offers internal and external training to students such as the Zerocopy Academy: this is a free course program for higher education students. Other programs and seminars are offered throughout the year, with external speakers and students.

Thanks to their free printing service, Belgian students have already saved €1,500,000 on their educational budget, and this is just the beginning. Zerocopy is an ambitious start-up in full expansion. She then needs new talents to participate in this exciting project! What if you were one of them?

Affordable Education

Free printouts for all students

+ €1,500,000 saved by students

+ 30 printing works in Belgium

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It all sounds so serious. Let's not forget the biggest reason to join them: they're having fun! Every Friday, they toast with beers during their stand-up meeting and organize restaurants to celebrate special occasions : the end of a semester, special events, afterworks... But the craziest thing is the short skis in March and the Hercules Trophy in June. Moreover, thanks to their winning mindset, the team emerged as the winner of the 2021 Hercules Trophy, a competition where more than 70 teams from different companies compete on 12 physical and logical challenges. In addition to meeting new people, surpassing each other, creating bonds, they brought the cup home!

Why join Zerocopy? To integrate a dynamic environment in the heart of Brussels, where the key words are independence, ambition and collaboration.




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The student years are certainly the best of life, but they are also very expensive. For Zerocopy, education is the most important investment for our future and should be accessible to everyone. That's why they have chosen to offer students free educational services in order to save them on their essential educational expenses. In fact, 92% of all students prefer to study on paper rather than on a screen. From now on, everywhere in Belgium, a higher education student can print his or her courses free of charge. In the long run, this easier access to quality education increases the chances of graduating and obtaining a decent job. To date, the Zerocopy team has been able to help 100,000 Belgian students save money on their education, and this is just the beginning!

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Education is not the only concern of this ambitious start-up. Indeed, for Zerocopy, respect for the environment is a priority. In order to offer the most environmentally friendly printing solution possible, they have implemented various measures. All courses and materials are printed on both sides on FSC-labelled paper from sustainably managed forests. Printing is done on thinner paper than standard paper (80 mg/m2), which limits the use of paper. In addition, a credit system has been set up to limit print waste. Each student then makes sure to choose his or her documents carefully and prints only what is really useful to him/her.

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In line with making education affordable, Zerocopy sets up programs, seminars and other training for students throughout the year. A good example of this is the Zerocopy Academy, which offers free courses to students in higher education. This way, everyone can have access to quality education for free!

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Zerocopy has decided to commit to ensuring affordable education for all, while respecting the planet. It is for all these reasons that we are proud to support them.

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