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At Meet My Job, we have a meaningful mission: to professionally connect people who share the same values and want to have a positive impact on the planet and/or society.

Alone we go fast, together we go further! That's why in 2024, accompanied by HowIMetMyCofounders, the Belgian expert in face-to-face meetings for future co-founders, we decided to act to support the Belgian ecosystem of committed projects by creating a springboard for who want to have an impact.

In this section, you will find 100% Belgian projects and initiatives, from all sectors, and with a strong commitment to our society and/or the environment.

Is it possible to meet your future co-founder
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Of course! Thanks to our partner HowIMetMyCofounders, we are proud to be able to help entrepreneurs find the best partner to launch or develop their impact project.

To meet your future co-founder in person, simply register for HowIMetMyCofounders' events. These meetings are golden opportunities to get to know people who share your values and your desire to be an entrepreneur!

Whether you're seeking to join an impact project as an associate or searching for a co-founder or partner for your committed project, this section and these meetings are tailored for you!

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