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We understand that in today's world, finding a job can be challenging, especially when it comes to a role that holds significance environmentally and/or socially—a real uphill battle! But fear not, we weren't about to leave you hanging. The good news is that Meet My Job was born from this realization.

Creating an impactful ecosystem is the driving force behind Meet My Job. That's why our partnerships are carefully curated, aligning with our internal charter and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Environment protection and preservation, sustainable development, socio-professional inclusion, organic and healthy nutrition, circular economy, sustainable mobility, healthcare... Meet My Job prioritizes organizations that contribute to prosperity. Today, we proudly position ourselves as the leading Belgian recruitment platform that exclusively lists companies making a positive impact on our planet and/or society.

To achieve this, a selection committee meticulously analyzes applications, handpicking only those entities making a genuine impact. That's why you'll find nothing but the best here! Meet My Job shines a spotlight on the employer brand of these organizations in exchange for their complete transparency regarding their impacts.

At Meet My Job, we believe that recruitment is not just a professional transaction but a true meeting where candidates and employers stand on equal ground. Here, candidates are not mere numbers!

Finding an internship or job within companies and associations that make a real impact has never been easier!

So, are you motivated to join the adventure? 🚀

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Situated in Brussels, the Meet My Job team has found its home within the StartLAB. In our workspace, we share not only a kitchen and a co-working area but also a small garden with other inspiring entrepreneurs! It's a vibrant hub of ideas that fuels us daily.🌱 And if the weather allows, just steps away, we gather in the park for lunch. Isn't life beautiful at Meet My Job?

Being part of a startup means getting hands-on experience in an innovative project, surrounded by a motivated team committed to making a difference! At Meet My Job, we work in an open space because we believe that human connection is crucial to progress.

Our work philosophy is relaxed, serious without taking ourselves too seriously, where everyone evolves with kindness by sharing their knowledge. Here, every member, whether an intern or an employee, contributes to the whole (and not just any contribution! 😎): taking initiative, regular brainstorming sessions...

Also, every Monday, we organize a collective breakfast where everyone can share their latest adventures and discuss the challenges of the week.

We celebrate all our victories during team-building activities (laser game, board game night, afterwork, pancake party,...)! 🎉

As you've gathered, at Meet My Job, our days are diverse and dynamic, filled with connections, purpose, and continuous learning. And on top of that, the work environment is ideal!




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Our commitments to sustainable world

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At Meet My Job, we are committed to combating greenwashing by ensuring complete transparency regarding the impacts of organizations. This not only enables talents to access information they won't find anywhere else but also provides exclusive insights!

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Meet My Job positions itself as a true player in professional integration.

By facilitating candidates to connect with socially responsible organizations that are hiring, the platform empowers hundreds of individuals to secure jobs aligned with their values.

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The startup supports purpose-driven entities by promoting their growth, both in terms of human resources and employer branding. How? On one hand, Meet My Job allows companies to recruit candidates who are genuinely motivated by the organization and its values. On the other hand, it helps showcase the employer brand of these socially engaged entities.

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In the long run, our goal is to create a genuine virtuous circle where talents themselves contribute to the professional integration of the most vulnerable within companies and associations with a positive impact.

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