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  • Antwerp
  • Unauthorized telecommuting
  • Part-time
  • < 8 year(s)

Job description

Become an ambassador and be part of a team that wants to change the world!

As an ambassador, you are the link between NGOs and donors. With a close-knit team , you will take to the streets to recruit donors and give NGOs the support they deserve. We are looking for people who really want to make an impact in the world, who enjoy working in a team and who want to grow by convincing and inspiring others. With flexible working days and hours, a solid base salary , and quality-based team bonuses, we offer you a challenging and rewarding role.


You will become:

  • The face of our NGOs to the outside world.

  • An enthusiastic salesperson who knows how to inspire others with our values.

  • A team player with a heart for people.

  • An enterprising person who wants to shape Goodturn together with us.

  • Depending on your interests and talents, you will become a recruiter, leader, connector or just a fantastic colleague.

  • Please note: fluency in Dutch is a requirement because we speak to people in Dutch all over Flanders.

Fundraising is a wonderful profession: you contribute to a better world, meet fantastic people, you see your knowledge of people increase significantly, you have insight into career opportunities within Goodturn and at the NGOs, you sharpen your communication skills, leadership talents and many other skills. Moreover, you will be part of a close-knit team that feels like family.

Why apply?

  • We offer you a world where we fight for our ideals,

  • We offer you a team that will embrace you as you are,

  • We offer you flexibility with an eye on your own well-being, because everyone has a life outside of work,

  • We offer you a fair wage supplemented with numerous benefits,

  • We offer you an environment that will invest in your growth ,

  • We offer you a job where we welcome your ideas and where you can make a difference.

Practical information:

  • Working hours: 10:00-17:30.

  • Working days: Monday to Saturday. Minimum 2 days, maximum 4 days per week.

  • Flexibility working days: we create a schedule based on your availability, which can vary from week to week.

  • Before the start, we offer training on the campaign and conversation techniques.

  • Experience in fundraising is not a requirement. Do you already have experience? Then you can quickly become a coach: more responsibility, and more earning.

  • A working day starts at the office, followed by work on location near Antwerp, sometimes outside. We conclude together at the office.

  • For white-collar workers: €2175 gross/month (full-time) + financial incentives for quality (20%) + end-of-year bonus, double holiday pay, eco vouchers, commuting allowance, reimbursement of expenses and meal vouchers.

  • Start with a 6-month contract, with an option for a permanent contract.

Conduct of interviews

Are you impact-oriented, social and a team player? Do you recognize yourself in our values ? Then we cordially invite you to apply !

Your age, religion, background , and gender help shape your experiences and ideas. At Goodturn, we are a team with a variety of experiences and ideas, as it enriches inspiration, knowledge and skills. That's why we motivate everyone to apply.

  • Send us a short message and we'll call you in the next few days !

  • If we notice on the phone that there's a game, we schedule an introductory meeting at the office to get to know each other better.

  • If there is mutual interest and enthusiasm, let's go!

Then you can start next week, with a training day with one of our NGOs !

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