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Does an innovative approach to ethical fundraising mean anything to you? Don't move, we'll tell you more right away! 

Goodturn is a cooperative that collaborates in a unique way with 5 Belgian NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) committed to ethical face-to-face fundraising. 🧑 🤝 🧑 Concretely? It's about recruiting donors on the street, but not just any old way! The GoodTurn touch is the highlighting of quality and the lasting connection between the donor and the NGO. A pioneering project on a global scale! 🌍

To do this, Goodturn ambassadors work for and through NGOs. They are immersed in their missions by being trained directly within these organisations and their commitment contributes directly to the missions of NGOs such as Greenpeace Belgium, Stichting tegen Kanker, Amnesty International Vlaanderen, Plan International België and Oxfam België. 🧡 And you know what? GoodTurn's proudest achievement was when the Ethical Fundraising Association (RE-EF) featured them as the Ethical Fundraisers par excellence at an international conference on the subject... Classy, right?

Their long-term goal? Changing the face-to-face fundraising market and transitioning to a more sustainable system where more money goes to NGOs to support their important missions. 🌟 A small gesture with an international impact, within a dynamic team, convinced that we can do things differently and in a sustainable way! 

Belgian Cooperative

Ethical Fundraiser

Unique collaboration of 5 committed Belgian NGOs

Pioneering project on a global scale

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Whether you are new to fundraising, have experience or are still studying, Goodturn welcomes anyone who feels called to be an agent of change. Founded in September 2023 and opened in February 2024, the cooperative can already count on a solid, supportive and committed team, fervently believing in the impact it can have on a daily basis! 

The team is still young but has no shortage of anecdotes : it is said that the internet installer has never managed to remove his drill from the wall and that it still adorns the room... A palpable connection in every sense of the word! 😄 In this regard,  we were told that the discussions between the heads of the NGOs and the Goodturn ambassadors were as qualitative as a very high-speed connection... And you know what we're looking forward to? It is this unifying link between them: the team participates in "Motivation Days" within the NGOs in order to get to know them better, Goodturn evenings are regularly organized to bring together all the ambassadors and NGOs around a drink,... A start-up spirit that rubs shoulders with the largest NGOs in Belgium, an ethical win-win as we like them! 🙌

What makes Goodturn's employé.es different from identical organizations? Here, we are not looking to make a profit or to have as many registrations as possible at the end of the day. The values conveyed by the cooperative are felt in the streets: the ambassadors are trained to find quality donors, ready to support them in the long term, while always working with honesty and integrity. Inclusion is also a value dear to Goodturn: every employee must feel at home! In addition, as the start-up is in the early stages, anyone can contribute with their own ideas to increase their impact! Isn't life beautiful?

And finally, Goodturn is particularly attentive to the well-being of its employé.es. Flexible working hours (in hours and days), attractive salary package, growth opportunities within Goodturn and in the NGO sector, training,... Having an impact is good, as well as good! 🙏




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International NGOs yes, but with concrete actions on Belgian territory, thanks to Goodturn! For example, Stichting tegen Kanker conducts research on the disease and supports post-cancer treatment, Oxfam fights income inequality, Greenpeace is committed to sustainable agriculture and biodiversity, Amnesty fights for the right to protest and a solution to the reception crisis, and finally, Plan International fights against sexual abuse and for safety. 💜

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Whether it's the energy transition, biodiversity, sustainable agriculture or the fight against the climate crisis, great tangible victories for the planet have been won, thanks to Goodturn's actions for Greenpeace! 🌱

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Beyond their Belgian actions, the societal impact of Goodturn's missions is global ! 🌍 Yes, Stichting tegen Kanker is active in cancer research and helping people with cancer care; Oxfam Belgium works for economic equality, climate justice and gender equality; Plan International is committed to the rights of young children – especially girls – and inequality in education; Amnesty works for human rights around the world and finally, Greenpeace is working for climate justice!

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