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Committing to the fight against climate change, this is the mission that Tapio has set for itself!

Named start-up of the year, it is one of the first pioneering climate tech start-ups in Europe and intends to use technology to ensure a better world!

Their online tools guide organizations every step of the way to ensure a successful and sustainable transition. They allow companies to know where they stand, and if they wish, to contribute to the reduction of their carbon footprint through various measures recommended by the platform.

At Tapio, they are convinced that companies have a key role to play in the ecological transition. This is why they have set themselves the goal of encouraging them to achieve carbon neutrality. They envision a world in which organizations have the means to tackle the problem of global warming at its source, by directly measuring and managing their impact on the environment.

Every day, Tapio makes the fight against climate change a source of inspiration. It is this very inspiration that gave the company its name! Did you know that, in Finnish mythology, Tapio is the spirit of the forest, protector of trees ? This name did not leave the founders indifferent, who directly linked the meaning of Tapio with their deep ambition to protect the planet.

Elected Innovative Start-up of the Year

Fight against climate change

Label Solar impulse Efficient Solution

B Corp Certification

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At Tapio, the collective comes to the forefront. The team loves to spend time together, and always finds a way to get together!

In addition to the aperitifs set to unwind every Friday evening, various events are organized throughout the year: cinema outings, exhibitions, excursions... And don't forget the Christmas party with colleagues!

And since we work hard, Tapio also has a library on its premises that allows everyone to take a moment to relax.

Within the Tapio team, they all share a common vision that pushes them in the same direction: each member plays his or her part in the relentless fight against global warming.

Since together we are stronger, Tapio is looking for new talents who will want to support the climate with them! So, are you ready to join the adventure?




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Since the last century, the global average temperature has risen by 1.1°C, a phenomenon mainly linked to greenhouse gas emissions released by human activities. At a time when the climate crisis is in full swing, Tapio has its full role to play.

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Through its online tools, the start-up encourages companies to act and unite in the fight against global warming by enabling them to develop a sustainable carbon strategy. Based on various analysed data, the platform replaces sources of high emissions with low-carbon solutions. In this way, and effortlessly, companies have all the cards in hand to achieve their reduction goals.

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At Tapio, they see the fight against climate change as an eco-system: companies that have a carbon strategy in place will be able to communicate transparently with their stakeholders, who in turn will be able to act on their impact. The virtuous circle!

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Tapio has been awarded the Solar impulse Efficient Solution label, which honours companies and organisations that develop solutions that are both sustainable and profitable. In addition to this label, Tapio is once again showing its social and environmental impact by being certified as a B Corp.

By combining technology and their deep ambition for change, Tapio is working towards a carbon-neutral world and that's why we support them!

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