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If you are told that you are a free, independent, innovative and responsible French-speaking mutuality, who do you think of? Partenamut, of course!

Encouraging everyone to actively manage their health is Partenamut's aspiration. Supporting 1.3 million customers every day in taking charge of their health, both as a social insurer and as a prevention partner, Partenamut works to build the mutuality of tomorrow by highlighting simplicity, innovation, empathy, etc.

Partenamut is also an organization that is mobilizing to make things happen: organizing events to raise awareness on different themes (mental health, cancer screening, etc.), material support for Ukraine and the victims of the floods... But that's not all! It is also a company that is on the move , by participating in sporting events to support associations, by setting up environmental reflection workshops,... 🏃🏻 In short, an active, committed and supportive mutuality, just the way we like them!

Also, did you know that a multitude of talents coexist within Partenamut, elected Top Employer 2023 (no less!)? Customer advisors, case managers, project managers, marketing analysts, HR, digitalization professions... Here, all skills are valued and combine with each other to achieve a common, human-centred goal.

So, do you feel the call of a meaningful job with strong values? Join the Partenamut team!

Free, supportive and committed mutual insurance

50 branches and 3 management offices

First mutual insurance fund in Brussels

Top Employer since June 2023

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At Partenamut, the internal organization is a reflection of the services offered to customers: supportive, empathetic, collaborative, agile and open-minded.

Working at Partenamut means being taken into consideration as a human being. Here, you're not a number! Empathy and benevolence are two strong values embodied by the team, in addition to tolerance.

As the culture of feedback and continuous improvement holds a special place within the team, a catalogue of soft and hard skills training, coaching, career support (career advisor) and on-the-job training are set up so that you can feel good in your shoes and in your career!

The team regularly organises convivial moments, such as the staff party, roadshows, greenhouses, team events, ping-pong and pétanque team, collective participation in the 20km of Brussels to support Think Pink... So many activities that colour the daily life of Partenamut employees while giving them meaning!

The little extra? A vegetable garden, chickens, a huge terrace and an outdoor garden... all in Brussels! I don't know about you, but we can already see ourselves there! 🐓🌻

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Our commitments to sustainable world

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The mental health of young people, marked by the various health, ecological and economic crises , is a central theme for Partenamut. The mutuality has set up several initiatives in this regard, including a virtual expression wall, stand-up comedy evenings, a support program facilitating access to mental health care for students (with a free call line and support to the ULB mental health service (SSM-ULB)), among others. An outstretched hand is life-changing! 🤝

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At the beginning of the conflict, Partenamut actively supported Ukraine by distributing free birth packs to families in need. All this organization and the logistics that come with it were carried out by the teams.

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Partenamut has its own ecosystem of non-profit organisations, in addition to a wide range of external non-profit organisations that expand the range of services offered: coordination and help centres for home care, help for families and caregivers, help for people suffering from Alzheimer's, taxi service adapted for people with reduced mobility,...

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Partenamut supports several associations, including Think Pink and Générations Solidaires. In 2023, they're lacing up their sneakers for a good cause... Get ready to get your swimsuit wet!

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Since 2021, the mutual fund has launched the Planet'UP program, whose purpose is to act for climate issues through sustainable commitments: green electricity supplier, renovation of the building to limit energy losses, rainwater harvesting for sanitary facilities, reduction of square meters on the ground, sustainable purchasing guide, awareness of sobriety via a climate culture of employees, installation of a compost and a chicken coop, landscaping of the garden to promote biodiversity (vegetable garden, flower meadow)... The goal? To become the first mutuality with an eco-responsible impact, both from an environmental and societal point of view... And it's on the right track!

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The mutuality has an environmental project to reduce its CO² emissions by 40% by 2030 , in particular through the choice of a green electricity supplier, the generalization of teleworking (thus reducing staff travel), the centralization of printers and reduction of printing,... In short, goals that are already bearing fruit!

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Partenamut also plans to renovate its buildings to limit energy losses (installation of a heat pump, presence detection, rainwater cisterns for sanitary facilities,...), takes decisions around the promotion of soft mobility (provision of charging stations for electric cars and bicycles in Brussels and soon in Mons), program of the "Climate Fresco Workshops", where the aim is to open one's consciousness and bring avenues of reflection around the impact of each one. One small step for humans,... The rest is history! 🌱

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