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Content Management & Brand Development Intern (6 months)

  • Brussels
  • Telework partially allowed
  • Internship
  • < 2 year(s)

Job description

Melting.Green is an Instagram page dedicated to promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle with a focus on sustainability. With increasing engagement from the online community, Melting.Green aims to expand its presence on social media as well as other media. The themes developed in the coming months and years will focus on the vegetable garden, living and local cuisine, slow travel and ethical fashion.

Job Description: We are looking for an intern with a passion for social media to join our team and actively contribute to the development of Melting.Green. As an intern, you will work closely with Mélanie Guisset to expand the reach of Melting.Green and strengthen its positive impact on raising awareness of the 4 key themes developed.

Responsibilities: As an intern, your main responsibilities will be to:

  1. Development on TikTok:

    • Create and publish engaging and educational content on the TikTok platform to increase Melting.Green's visibility.

    • Identify relevant trends and adapt content to reach a wider audience.

  2. Professional LinkedIn Profile:

    • Design and set up a professional LinkedIn profile for Mélanie Guisset.

    • Write and optimize profile content to authentically reflect Melanie's skills and experience.

  3. Creation of a personal web page:

    • Design and develop a personal website for Mélanie Guisset, bringing together her information, achievements and media engagements.

    • Ensure an attractive design, smooth navigation, and a clear presentation of its journey.

  4. Managing interactions on Instagram:

    • Proactively and user-friendly responses to private messages and comments on Melting.Green's Instagram page.

    • Engage with the online community to strengthen connections and promote constructive discussions.

  5. Creation of "Real" content:

    • Collaborate with Melanie to film and edit creative and educational videos for Instagram's "Real" features.

    • Participate in concept development, filming and editing to produce compelling content.


  • Strong interest in environmental issues and sustainability.

  • Good understanding of social media, especially Instagram

  • Video content creation skills, from design to editing.

  • Creativity and ability to come up with innovative ideas to engage the audience.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

  • Mobility: part of the internship is done in Genappe

This internship offers the opportunity to actively contribute to the growth of a brand committed to strong environmental values. If you're passionate about sustainability, social media, and creating impactful content, join us for this enriching experience at Melting.Green. In addition, you will have the chance to train with him in the vegetable garden and to put your hands in the soil if you feel like it.

Why apply?

This is an unpaid internship.

You will have the opportunity to train in the vegetable garden, to evolve in a chassy environment, to discover the backstage of my filming for the RTBF, to accompany me on the radio on the set, and to train in the creation of RS content.

Conduct of interviews

Interviews will first be conducted via Teams, then on-site in Genappe.

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