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If you have an Instagram account, you're probably familiar with, right? With more than 59,000 followers, Mélanie Guisset shares all her "planet friendly" tips, in joy and good humor (obviously)! 😄🌿

Driven by the quest for meaning, Mélanie makes it a point of honour to cultivate responsible and reasonable consumption, short supply chains, local tourism and respect for the environment by sharing it daily on the platform. Getaways in the middle of nature, presentations of eco-responsible brands, discovery of local producers, tips for the vegetable garden (her favorite playground), seasonal recipes and Do It Yourself... The least we can say is that Mélanie has a green thumb!

In the wake of this success, Mélanie started a radio column on La Première, alongside Véronique Thyberghien and Cédric Wautier,  where all the current green trends are shared with humor... But she doesn't stop there and joins the famous Belgian show "Jardins et Loisirs", in addition to launching her own show "Du Potager à l'Assiette" (class!) in 2023. 🍅🥦 A great harvest promising for the dynamic and enthusiastic entrepreneur! 

All these flourishing projects are based on demonstrating that it is possible to take care of yourself while taking care of the planet in a simple, relaxed and fun way! 🌱

Ready to join a project that sparkles with colors and ideas for a happy sobriety ? To roll up your sleeves and make you want to dip your hands in the dirt? Check out the job and internship offers below!

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Behind Melting Green is Melanie, who has been running her Instagram account since 2021... And the least we can say is that she has no shortage of ideas! Dynamism, benevolence, humour, fun, determination and a hint of audacity, this is the joyful cocktail that sums up the energy of his daily work.

The routine? It doesn't exist at Melting Green! We do everything there (from a shoot dressed in Sézane to an afternoon in boots to weed the vegetable garden, it's only a step!), we laugh a lot, we never get bored, it's always moving and all this for a noble cause: the motivation to take care of the living, the very essence of the Insta account and the project in the broadest sense. ☀️

Melting Green is therefore a human adventure with several ramifications, including the world of influence and traditional media, where the behind-the-scenes and backstage scenes are rich in learning!

Do you want to immerse yourself in Melting Green projects, learn more about entrepreneurship and positive impact influence? Participate in the filming and try out nice and committed places? Submit your application now!




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The idea for Melting Green came about with the aim of teaching as many people as possible how to garden and how to think about their daily consumption. An impact that radiates to more than 59,000 people on Instagram and to thousands of viewers and listeners !

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On TV, on the radio, on Instagram... Mélanie has no shortage of channels to highlight local initiatives on a daily basis.

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A fervent defender of the local, Mélanie offers seasonal and Belgian recipes. Tantalize your taste buds with your own vegetables (or those of a local farmer), a simple pleasure that gives even more taste to meals! 🥕🍄🍎

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