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Chef Warm Kitchen - Full Time

  • Brussels
  • Unauthorized telecommuting
  • Full-time
  • 3 year(s)

Job description

An alternative to traditional fast food, with quality products, BON has been specialising in healthy and gourmet ready-to-eat food for 10 years , offering a wide choice of smoothies, salads, breads, wraps as well as hot dishes and pastries. BON now has 11 points of sale throughout the Brussels Region, as well as in Liège and Antwerp. BON also offers catering solutions for private and professional events (catering).

In full expansion with a head full of projects, we are looking for our new Chef de Partie Chaud who will be in charge of our central hot kitchen in Brussels, from where our dishes prepared by our teams leave every day.

Purpose of the function :

Under the responsibility of the production manager, the hot end manager (CPC) is responsible for and supervises all hot cooking (hot zone + vegetables). He is responsible for organizing, planning and structuring all activities in the hot zone in accordance with the HACCP rules in force, while ensuring the productivity of his team and the quality of the dishes. It is structured around 5 main axes :

1/ Team management and planning :

Inspiring and endowed with natural leadership, he ensures the effectiveness of the hot end teams by clearly communicating what he expects from them. He/she takes care of the autonomous management of his/her teams on a daily basis and, in consultation with the Production Manager, anticipates and plans future needs.

Key Responsibilities :

  • Supervise and plan the work of his/her teams in order to achieve the expected productivity and quality;

  • Coaches, motivates and allows teams to have a close-knit and organized team.

2/ Standards and food safety :

The CPC ensures  good food safety practices, monitors and implements quality and food safety standards (HACCP) in its area of intervention. 

Key Responsibilities :

  • supervises, trains and sensitizes his/her team on good hygiene practices (GHP) and on the monitoring of HACCP rules;

  • Monitors and ensures compliance with safety rules for staff.

3/ Production and quality :

The CPC is responsible for producing and guaranteeing products of irreproachable quality by mastering these different aspects : superior quality ingredients (freshness, shelf life, etc.), cooking, refrigeration time, storage, seasoning, compliance with dosages and working methods, service and standardization of dishes.

The CPC ensures the quality and compliance with the technical data sheets. He tastes and weighs the preparations before sending them out.

 He also keeps track of his region's supplies and inventory in strict compliance with FIFO and FEFO in consultation with the retailer and ensures that losses in his region are minimized.

Key Responsibilities :

  • Ensures the quality and standardization of dishes in compliance with dosages and technical sheets;

  • Follow-up of the FIFO and the FEFO for the supply of its territory;

  • Monitoring and reduction of losses in hot areas.

4/ Communication and collaboration :

The CPC coordinates and works closely with other teams, including cold production teams and quality and sales teams.

He proactively communicates with customers for everything directly related to hot cooking (quality of products, ingredients, etc.). He participates in the development of new ranges and ensures that they are properly monitored and launched within the given deadlines.

Key Responsibilities :

  • Proactively communicate with our internal and external customers;

  • Collaborates with different departments ;

  • Develops and collaborates in the creation of new product lines.

5/ Pleasant working environment :

The CPC, in consultation with the Production Manager, ensures that the infrastructure is kept in perfect condition (informs in a timely manner of problems that require the intervention of a technician or the replacement of a machine/utensil) and that the tools made available to his or her team are used correctly . It provides a clean and tidy environment during and after production. He tracks and contributes to his team's cleaning checklists and various checklists.

Key Responsibilities :

  • This is guaranteed to keep the hot area in pristine condition;

  • Ensures the correct use of machines and tools;

  • Ensures proper follow-up of checklists.


Desired attitude

  • Manages and motivates by example;

  • Remains honest and professional in all circumstances (stress, deadline, unforeseen events);

  • Is a reference in its area of operation : the procedures, the products, the values, the regulations that it must know perfectly;

  • Accustomed to working in multicultural environments;

  • Is self-contained and reliable.

Experience and skills needed

  • Minimum 3 years' experience as a chef or demi chef de partie in a hot zone;

  • Experience in a central/collective kitchen preferred;

  • Fluent in French;

  • Training in hotel school;

  • MS Office (Excel).

Why apply?

  • A full-time position in the world of a central kitchen;

  • An indeterminate position;

  • Daytime hours, with no shifts cut;

  • Opportunities for growth within the BON family;

  • A pleasant, dynamic and stimulating environment;

  • The salary package will be commensurate with the candidate's skills and experience.

Conduct of interviews

  • Step 1: send us your CV and cover letter;

  • Step 2: phone interview to get to know you better;

  • Step 3: maintenance in the workshop;

  • Last step: welcome to the team!

Interested in the job and curious to know more ?  Send your CV to

See you again!

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