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Our priority? Make every meal a pleasure!

  • Healthy Eating, Responsible consumption, Other
  • Brussels, Province of Walloon Brabant

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A feast for the palate, a gift for the planet! 🌱🍲 This is the leitmotiv of Tasty, where every bite rhymes with a journey to the land of the gourmet and the responsible, for 20 years now! Located in the Brussels hospitals of the Chirec network, Tasty transcends the ordinary of the restaurant to offer a unique culinary experience, combining flavours, health, concept store and ecological commitment

On the menu: homemade dishes with organic, fresh and seasonal products, reflecting their commitment to a diet that is tasty, healthy and respectful of the environment ! 🍅🥦🥕

But Tasty is much more than a restaurant: it's a real place (filled) with life ! Library, delicatessen, selection of flowers, gift ideas, every nook and cranny has its own story to tell and conviviality to share... When you can combine business with pleasure, what more could you ask for? 

And to top it all off, the restaurant is constantly committed to the planet: recyclable and/or biodegradable packaging, healthy cooking workshops, awareness of sustainable consumption and a wide range of organic products. Working hand in hand with local actors and passionate artisans, thus guaranteeing the quality and traceability of their dishes? 👨 🌾🥗 Tasty's pride (which makes us happy)!

Healthy and responsible catering

Catering and take-away

3 multifunctional spaces

Inclusion & Diversity

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Welcome to the world of Tasty, where a brigade of 45 enthusiasts (and between 50 and 80 students) weaves together the web of an extraordinary culinary adventure ! 🍽️ This adventure, which began as a small family business, quickly became a symbol of success and innovation in the Brussels restaurant world. A Belgian success story , just the way we like them! 🎉

Are you looking for a work environment where passion, innovation and friendliness coexist? The opportunity to grow within a dynamic and multicultural team, where each talent brings its own contribution to the building? Do you want to join a fast-growing company and contribute to exciting projects ? 🌟 Tasty has what you need! 

And to end on a high note, how about team spirit ? At Tasty, it's something you can do every day, but that's not all! Twice a year, the team meets for team buildings and company dinners, with the aim of strengthening ties and celebrating the highlights of the year. Warm moments off that make you feel good!




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Our commitments to sustainable world

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Collaborate with local producers, in short circuits ? A no-brainer for Tasty! This proximity not only enriches the flavours but also boosts the local economy and culinary culture, while guaranteeing the quality and traceability of the products. 🌱

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Since every gesture counts, at Tasty, reducing and recycling are the key words. Minimizing the ecological footprint, from the choice of ingredients to waste management, a challenge taken up with b(r)io!

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Tasty is more than just a meal: it's also about raising awareness of sustainable consumption and healthy cooking workshops ! A promising meeting and exchange place for tomorrow, we love it! 💚

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Contributing to a more equitable and inclusive society is one of Tasty's core values. 🤝 That's why inclusion and diversity are ingrained in the Tasty ecosystem, creating a professional environment where everyone feels respected and valued.

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