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Smile Kombucha

Makes you feel as good as it tastes!

  • Healthy Eating, Responsible consumption
  • Brussels

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Is smiling your cup of tea? We've got the ideal company for you! Smile Kombucha, beyond its name, is a structure born from the desire to contribute to a healthier diet and a desire to create alternatives to traditional drinks ! Bye bye alcohol and sugar overflow, health (for real)!

Created in 2019 in Brussels, Smile brews new healthy drinks (organic, rich in probiotics and antioxidants) and above all marked in tastes (citrus, ginger, lemon, raspberry, hibiscus, verbena, to name but a few)! From brewing to bottling, all kinds of kombucha are made with love in the brewery. A local, healthy, passionate and fun company, that's the added value of Smile Kombucha! 

Ready to join the tea-m (that one was easy)? Don't wait any longer and look at our job offers!

♻️ Healthy and sustainable food

❤️ Brewed in the traditional way and with love

🍀 Certified organic and artisanal

😁 On a mission to make people Smile

taste of the team

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The Smile is on the kombucha label but above all within the team! A real company on a human scale, Smile Kombucha is an ecosystem in which cohesion, listening, team spirit and initiative and fun sparkle!  

The team has no shortage of opportunities to federate and strengthen ties : weekly exchanges, regular team lunches and drinks, 2 team-buildings per year, Christmas dinner, brewery birthday party... Many moments that colour their daily lives and give rise to dreams, such as, for example, that of selling 8,000L in a month, without changing anything in terms of logistics. A gamble crowned with success thanks to hard work and a common desire to succeed! A corporate culture of which they are very proud! 

And because the entrepreneurial adventure is lived by several people, Smile shares its production space with other artisans (a bakery and a chocolate factory) and receives more and more requests for collaboration/co-brewing, including one that they particularly liked: the co-production of kombuchas for GreenPeace Belgium! A great success story for the brewery... And we're just getting started!  

Do you want to spread the Smile vibes with the team and join the colorful universe of the company? Check out the job offers!




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Smile's pride is being a certified craftsman ! A guarantee of quality, trust and transparency, both in terms of ingredients and process!

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One of the reasons that motivated the creation of this project? The creation of meaningful jobs . What could be better than working with a positive impact while having fun?

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Concerned about their environmental impacts, the team has recently switched to biodegradable labels (rather than traditional plastic) and is analyzing the transition to returnable or canned formats. The brewery is also equipped with solar panels and delivers to its Brussels customers by bike... We love it!

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The brewery does everything in one place : fermentation, brewing, bottling (and the birth of new ideas). A profusion of activities and professions that makes the experience at Smile even more unique and committed.

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