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Why discard or destroy office furniture when it's still in good condition? An absurd question, yet unfortunately, most companies are still forced to do so due to the lack of sustainable solutions. That's why Relieve Furniture is the first private B2B marketplace in Belgium that connects businesses looking to dispose of their surplus office equipment with beneficiaries in need. The equipment is redistributed to associations, schools, startups, and 'green' companies.

Through their marketplace, they offer the corporate world the opportunity to make a positive impact with their surplus furniture, reduce waste, and create a more circular economy. Helping businesses achieve sustainability goals, improve their carbon footprint, and enhance their corporate social responsibility (CSR) is their priority.

Since 2011, Relieve Group has transferred over 25,000 pieces of office furniture to associations and schools on behalf of partner clients such as BNP Paribas Fortis, Microsoft, Nestlé, Nespresso, IKEA, PwC, Immobel, and Lenovo. This volume corresponds to over 2,000 tons of avoided CO2 emissions, equivalent to the annual carbon absorption capacity of 6,609 trees or 165 trips around the world by car.

Here's an interesting tidbit: just like Steve Jobs and his Apple products, the Relieve journey began in a garage!

By joining the circular ecosystem of Relieve Furniture, you can take concrete action to reduce the one million office items still discarded each year in Belgium and contribute to a more sustainable future for our country. So, are you ready to embark on this adventure?

Anti-waste & circular economy

25,000 items saved

+ 2,000 tonnes of CO2 avoided

Circlemade Award (HUB brussels)

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If we had to choose two keywords that characterize the atmosphere at Relieve Furniture, it would be trust and autonomy!

At Relieve Furniture, they love spending time as a team: post-work drinks, Christmas dinners, midday runs (for the most courageous ones), and occasional events...

Relieve Furniture's offices are located in a coworking space. It's an opportunity to meet external people (always very friendly) and engage with entrepreneurship enthusiasts.

Oh, and do you like music? Well, you're in luck because you'll have access to a studio within the coworking space!"




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Relieve Furniture's project started with a number: 42 million. This is the number of office items that are thrown away or burned in Europe every year. Faced with this observation, they decided to roll up their sleeves by offering a solution that offers a second life to office furniture: a B2B market-place.

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Stop wasting, they're betting on circularity! Relieve Furniture connects the non-profit sector (associations, schools, etc.) and environmentally conscious companies in order to build a circular, solidarity-based and sustainable economy. Thanks to their project, chairs, tables, cupboards and lighting can be reused at low cost by associations, schools and start-ups rather than going through the garbage can.

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Relieve Furniture puts solidarity at the heart of the project. It's a win-win situation: companies improve their carbon footprint and social responsibility, while beneficiaries equip themselves with high-quality office furniture. And let's not forget the planet! Since 2011, 25,000 office items have been given a new lease of life in Belgium. They have been transferred to associations and schools on behalf of partner clients such as BNP Paribas Fortis, Microsoft, Nestlé, Nespresso, Ikea, etc. This volume corresponds to 2000 tons of CO2 carbon emissions avoided, the equivalent of 165 car journeys around the world!

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More than a platform, Relieve Furniture has already established a network of more than 4500 associations and schools, more than 600 of which have already benefited from their service. They aim to create a more circular, sustainable and supportive world and it is for all these reasons that we are proud to support them.

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