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Together, let's end food waste

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Every day, supermarkets throw away tons of food that is still edible, while access to food is often far too expensive or impossible for a large part of the population.

Faced with this alarming situation, Happy Hours Market has decided to roll up its sleeves and has opted for a new management of unsold products in order to fight against food waste. Thanks to their mobile application, some of the unsold food from supermarkets is offered for sale at a low price near you. The other part is distributed free of charge and daily to associations that help the most disadvantaged.

Happy Hours leaves no one out! Thanks to their app, consumers can shop for half price and get actively involved in the fight against food waste. Partner retailers recycle their unsold goods and reduce their ecological footprint. Charities are benefiting from a new source of supply by having hundreds of kilos of fresh produce delivered to them every day.

Created in 2019, Happy Hours Market currently has 7 pick-up points in Brussels, and intends to extend its offer to the whole of Brussels. But for that, they need you! So, are you ready to put an end to food waste?

+ 1,000 kg of products are saved every day

+ 15 euros saved on average per order

+ 50,000 App downloads

+ 45 partner stores, retailers and distributors

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Working at Happy Hours Market means joining a young and dynamic team that puts the spirit of mutual aid and sharing at the forefront !

The extremely ambitious mission they have set for themselves, which consists of reducing the flagrant imbalance between food supply and demand, requires a plurality of working methods, values and cultures. It is the team members who build the "Happy Hours Market" of tomorrow day after day.

Joining them means having the opportunity to innovate, to be pro-active, to set up projects that have a real impact on society, and to advance the movement against food waste.




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One-third of the world's food production ends up in the trash instead of being redistributed. In Belgium, 7 tonnes of food waste per minute are wasted! Paradoxically, a billion people around the world do not have enough to eat...

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At Happy Hours Market, they are revolted ! That's why their yellow vans (" Happy Trucks ") now roam the streets to collect unsold goods from supermarkets. The food collected is then offered for sale, at low prices, via their mobile application. In this way, everyone can get involved at their own level in the fight against waste and save money.  Thanks to their initiative, more than 1000 kg of fresh produce are saved from the garbage every day!

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The social dimension is an integral part of the Happy Hours Market project. In addition to the products offered on the app, the company delivers daily and free of charge to a range of charities. The virtuous circle!

Food waste reduces our planet's resources. Repurposing unsold products reduces CO2 emissions linked to waste. Since its inception, Happy Hours Market has recycled more than 680,000 products, the equivalent of 625,335 kg of CO2 avoided.

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Happy Hours Market has decided to actively fight against food waste by leaving no one behind. That's why we're proud to support them.

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