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If Belgium is the land of beer, the Brasserie Surréaliste is its capital. When you enter, you will be immersed in a world of acidulous colors in honor of beer. To walk through the doors of this art deco building is to burst into the ideal setting to drink and dream. However, it all started with two brothers' passion for beer.

Distributing their own beers produced outside the city in Brussels bars for the past 3 years, the founders anticipated the opening of the Surrealist Brewery to make them in the very basement of the building. Today, the former banana warehouse houses not only the microbrewery but also a craft beer shop, a bar and a brand new food-sharing restaurant. 

However, the Brasserie Surréaliste is also intended to be an art space. The owners of the venue occasionally collaborate with musicians, street artists, DJ's, chefs... Collaborations lead to creations like the speculative beer "Obnoxiously Happy." However, this drink, whose can is a vibrant pink, is just one example in the wide range of beers, wines and cocktails offered by the Brasserie Surréaliste. The names of these drinks are just as innovative as their taste: Surrealist Pale Ale, Opera Fantastico or Dance Rave Dance to name a few. 

This project, partly financed by a crowdfunding campaign, is not short of surprises. In its 1500m2, there is a winter garden, an Italian rococo entrance, an industrial-style main room and even a horse in front of the staircase: enough to welcome connoisseurs, the curious and all kinds of artistic events or guided tours!

If you too want to participate in the democratization of local beers (Dream Beers), join the dreamteam of La Brasserie Surréaliste! 

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Founded by two brothers, the Brasserie Surréaliste is a place where beer rhymes with conviviality and exchanges. The 15 employees work in the brasserie, bar, restaurant and art space. To strengthen ties, they organize after-work drinks at the bar, Christmas dinners, lunches, barbecues and spend their time visiting breweries. 

Fun fact: A collective success for the team was the evening organised on the occasion of Art Brussels. Instead of the small committee expected, a crowd of beer aficionados and other guests at the event answered the call to the point that they danced in the restrooms and on the mezzanine. Some even took the opportunity to steal glasses and beers! 

So, are you ready to make and sell mind-blowing beers in an extraordinary place? Apply now to the Brasserie Surréaliste!




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From the Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains, the Brasserie Surréaliste is driving a revitalisation of the Brussels district of Dansaert. A place conducive to exchanges, this unique bistro has an undeniable positive social impact. Indeed, the district was subject to the closure of the Horeca in recent years. The various events, tastings and guided tours organized by the Surrealist Brewery are an opportunity to bring people together in this unique space and its surroundings.

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In addition, the local production of beers within the Surrealist Brewery reduces the negative effects that such production could have on the environment. In fact, raw materials, packaging and transport during beer production contribute to polluting the planet. Choosing a craft beer produced on site and consumed on site helps mitigate these negative effects. As one of the founders of the Surrealist Brewery says, "when you drink our beer in the brewpub, you can't do better in terms of environmental impact"!

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