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Are you altering, kezako? It is in the centre of Louvain-la-Neuve that this cooperative is located, which took the form of a citizen café-restaurant 14 years ago! This alternative and pioneering place offers its customers organic and sustainable food, its employees legal and respectful working conditions (100% declared, no cut hours,...) and society a place of exchange and awareness on current issues. A win-win combo for everyone! 🌍✨

The project defends and promotes, through a responsible and creative approach, the values of humanism and ecology in a citizen perspective of ecological and solidarity transition. Today, Altérez-vous is home to several renowned labels such as Table de terroir, the Incidence trophy, Belgium Fairtrade, Ethiquettable, etc. A flourishing success where the premises of a world more respectful of the Living are germinating! 

On the table, Altérez-vous offers tasty catering from local, homemade, organic, seasonal and fair trade products. 🥗 From classic dishes to creative suggestions, the taste buds are guaranteed to awaken! In addition, their entire catering offer is zero waste and 70% of their dishes are vegetarian. 🌱 One more proof that working for tomorrow from your plate is indeed possible!

Healthy, organic and sustainable food

Approved co-operative

Social and Solidarity Economy

Member of Belgium Fairtrade

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If you want to be part of a human-sized cooperative, working for a fairer and more sustainable society, then the Alterez-Vous team is waiting for you with open arms! What could be better than working in a committed work environment, whose strong values are brilliantly embodied, and which federates the links between everyone? One wonders...

Since 2021, the family and solidarity team has set up a horizontal organization, based on their 3 managers in the kitchen, ensuring them great autonomy on a daily basis and a career development rare in this sector. 👩‍🍳✨

Daily life within the Altérez-vous team is a subtle mix of civic responsibility, discoveries, challenges, passion for sustainability and sharing, but not only... Between the annual barbecues, brunches, cinema outings, team Christmas meals and participation in sports challenges, including the Oxfam Trail Walker (100 km in less than 30 hours), it's impossible to get bored! 🚶 We are even told that both participations in this challenge were victorious, with a fundraising of + 1500€ for Oxfam! Combining business with pleasure, you say? 🤩




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Altérez-Vous encourages awareness with workshops, documentary brunches, conferences and film debates, thus actively participating in the construction of a community more awake to the challenges of tomorrow!

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Tasty catering from local, homemade, organic, seasonal and fair trade products, this is the spearhead of the citizen café-restaurant in New Leuven! 🍎🍊🥦

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Today, Altérez-vous is: 10 nationalities, 17 employees and 220 cooperators ! The heartwarming +? Since 2009, more than 20 migrants have been able to legalize their stay in Europe, thanks to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Inclusion galore and humanity, what more could you ask for?

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For the record, the founders of Altérez-vous were taken for big dreamers when they fought to impose an organic, ethical and local restaurant on a university campus. 👨 🎓 Today, 14 years later, the Altérez Vous has become a place of reference that federates consciences!

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L'Altérez-vous has always made it a point of honour to be part of the city through the values of humanism, transparency and honesty. Paying taxes, helping the most vulnerable and truly respecting their partners: a reality without taboos! 🧡

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