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Imminent departure for STIB... Get your ticket, we'll take you with us! 🎫 With more than 300 different professions and more than 10,000 committed people who join forces to carry out 338 million journeys per year, STIB (Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles) is THE reference that gets the Brussels-Capital Region moving! Bus, tram, metro, the company is on all fronts to offer a wide choice of transport, used by nearly a million, commuters and tourists every day... 🚇🚌🚋

Today, STIB brilliantly embodies itself as a responsible and inclusive urban player in terms of mobility: continuous improvement of environmental performance, 100% green and local electricity for trams, hybrid and electric buses, construction/renovation of buildings according to the principles of eco-construction, waste recovery and eco-gestures within the team (such as favouring stairs, adopting a flexible driving style, limiting emails sent to everyone) in particular... 🌱 But that's not all! STIB is also developing the accessibility of its services (lifts or escalators, training of guide dogs for the network,...) 👨 🦽 and promotes social cohesion through awareness-raising and prevention in schools, collaboration with the non-profit sector, a positive reappropriation of stations, the training of agents in societal issues and the socio-professional integration of young people,... 🤝

As an emblematic figure of employment in Brussels, STIB creates a professional environment that makes sense and is a game changer, especially for young graduates in civil, industrial, electromechanical, mechanical, electrical or IT-oriented engineering! 👨 🎓 Yes, thanks to their Young Starter program, a real springboard of opportunities, you will have the opportunity to be hired on a permanent contract (from September 2024) and to start by discovering what you like the most thanks to 3 missions of 8 months, during which you will be supervised and supported daily by mentors and an HR manager. The goal? Try 3 jobs to choose the one you like best! Other little +s? You will have the opportunity to follow a multitude of training courses (hard and soft skills), to meet different backgrounds and lots of colleagues passionné.es, in addition to participating in team buildings with all the Young Starters (atmosphere guaranteed!). 🎉 Ready? The adventure is about to begin!

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The daily grind? Not at STIB-MIVB! With more than 300 different professions, from conceptualisation to construction, planning, operation of the STIB network and the digitalisation of services, there is no shortage of career prospects ! 🤩

"Responsibility, attention, simplicity and rigour, commitment and pride, together"... Evolving in a professional ecosystem that carries meaning and these values, working for sustainable mobility, surrounded by supportive colleagues (called the Stibiens) who have a smile and the desire to make things (and people) happen, what more could you ask for?

STIB may be a large company that runs on the road, but the family spirit is not neglected: mutual aid and conviviality never stay on the platform! 💙 In addition to drinks and roadshows with the team, STIB offers a ticket (without return) for a good work-life balance , but also an attractive salary package, an internal mobility policy allowing you to evolve, training and flexible schedules depending on the job. 

Do you also like unusual activities? For example, last year the Young Starter team took part in the Corporate Music Awards, a musical adventure that allows participating companies to create and record a piece of music, shoot a music video and present it at a big gala evening... And they won the 1st prize ! Ready to have fun with your colleagues too? The team is waiting for you ! 




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Since 2017, STIB has been audited as part of its ISO 14001 certificate (a standard aimed at the continuous improvement of environmental performance).

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STIB has also improved its energy performance by 12.3% compared to 2018! How? Thanks to projects such as the renewal of their bus fleet, the construction and renovation of buildings according to the principles of eco-construction, the installation of photovoltaic panels (covering the roofs of buildings over an area of 9,333m²!) and the replacement of lighting with LED lights.

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Did you know that trams and metros run on 100% green electricity ? As far as buses (currently conventional, hybrid or electric) are concerned, STIB's plan is to make its entire fleet electric by 2035! 🌱

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In 2022, STIB continued its collaboration with l'Ouvroir (a Brussels-based company that highlights the know-how of people with disabilities) to recycle its waste (fabric scraps, construction tarpaulins, former validators, etc.), donated lockers and laptops to associations, concluded an agreement for the temporary occupation of its Belgrade workshop with the cyclologistics cooperative Urbike, and organised Repair Cafés on the Molenwest site... Local initiatives are heartwarming! 💚

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Wishing to overcome the variability of prices on the market and promote green and local energy, STIB has concluded a supply agreement with the Belgian wind energy producer Aspiravi. We love it!

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Throughout the year, STIB's "Prevention & Social Cohesion" team develops initiatives to meet various challenges : awareness-raising and prevention in schools, collaboration with the non-profit sector (including the Red Cross, Médecins du Monde, Fedasil, Samu Social,...) to help disadvantaged people on the network, distribution of hot meals in winter with the non-profit organisation Opération Thermos, positive reappropriation of stations in partnership with neighbourhood associations, training of officers in societal issues, socio-professional integration of young people in Brussels, etc. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑✨

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