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Oxfam-Magasins du monde

Building socio-economic justice

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For nearly 50 years, Oxfam-Magasins du monde has been fighting for a fairer and more sustainable world. Today, we offer you an immersion in this internationally renowned  organization, where more than 3,000 volunteers and 65 employé.es build a more sustainable and egalitarian world together! 🎯 

Oxfam-Magasins du monde is a citizens' movement that fights against inequality and injustice. Its objective is to promote greater social and economic justice, acting in a comprehensive and structural way. The movement intervenes at several levels: locally, nationally and internationally, thanks to its membership of the Oxfam International network. Oxfam-Magasins du monde's actions aim to combat the root causes of inequality and build a more just and sustainable world. 🌱

Concrete? Do you want some, here it is! Oxfam-Magasins du monde is working on several levels: 

  • Exposing injustice, acting for change 🧑 🌾
    Oxfam-Magasins du monde denounces unfair practices in global trade that disadvantage small-scale producers and artisan groups in developing countries. Its objective: to raise public awareness to encourage them to become actors of change.

  • Concrete alternatives for sustainable 🥕 trade
    Oxfam-Magasins du monde offers concrete alternatives through the sale of fair trade and second-hand products in its stores. Every purchase supports cooperatives and their development projects as well as the organization's lifelong learning mission.

  • Raising awareness, training responsible 👫 citizens
    Oxfam-Magasins du monde trains critical and responsible citizens who are able to understand the challenges of global trade through its campaigns, events and educational tools.

  • Together to change the rules of the game 🌍
    Oxfam-Magasins du monde is calling on decision-makers to obtain fairer trade rules and mobilising citizens to weigh in on the democratic debate.

All this is implemented within the organization through the values of transparency, communication, flexibility, listening, attention to well-being and collective intelligence.

Its unique structure combines the strength of a committed NGO with the dynamics of a volunteer movement animating a real commercial alternative. It is based on a network of 65 fair trade and solidarity shops spread over the territory of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. On the shelves are fair trade products or great second-hand clothes, collected and sorted in their network of stores. Consuming in an (eco)responsible way has never been easier, don't you think!? 🍍🍫👒

Fair and solidarity trade

Citizens' Movement for Socio-Economic Justice

65 stores in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation

Local, national and international impact

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The Oxfam - Magasins du monde team is a mosaic of 3,000 volunteers and 65 employees (no less!), united by common values and a shared mission: to promote (super) fair trade and support social and environmental projects in their 65 stores in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation... And beyond! 🚀

What is special about Oxfam-Magasins du monde? Collaboration and participatory governance as a model of operation. Like the plant world, in which each party is on the same footing, everyone can make decisions, even the tips of the roots! This means that every staff member can give their opinion and actively participate in the decision-making processes. 🌿 A system that flows naturally in an organization where the engine is meaning !

And to strengthen the cohesion of the team, you know: there's nothing like conviviality and a good slice of laughter ! The Cocoon, an in-house group, regularly hosts cozy activities, in addition to the annual staff party and a team barbecue. The Staff Forum is also a significant annual event that brings together all employé.es, bringing together functions and services to collectively move forward on a topical issue while forging links... 🤝 Not to mention the significant annual events of Oxfam - Magasins du monde, including the Breakfasts that bring the teams together in joy and good humor (with the exquisite smell of a good fair trade coffee, of course), for a good cause! 🥐☕

So, does putting your stone in the building by joining a committed and dynamic ecosystem, where equality prevails at all levels and where the collective is a strength, does it give you the bananas (and the peach)? 🍌 Join the team without further delay!




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With more than 3,000 volunteers working in local and school teams, Oxfam World Stores has more than 65 stores and almost as many teams. Thanks to them, their end customers become fully aware of the impact of alternatives to traditional shops. But their actions are not limited to stores! The teams are also active in secondary and higher schools , in municipalities, at festivals and other events... A well-established local impact ! 💚

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As a member of the World Fair Trade Federation (WFTO), Oxfam - Magasins du monde is audited (according to WFTO's criteria), like its supplier partners, on its fair trade practices. As NGOs, they are also audited by the development cooperation. 🌼

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Oxfam recognises that poverty and social injustice are closely linked to environmental challenges, including climate change, deforestation and the degradation of natural resources. As a result, the organization works to promote sustainable and resilient practices, while advocating for fair and equitable environmental policies: relocation of global value chains, revision of the model of trade agreements, human rights and environmental due diligence, integrating the cost of carbon emissions into the price of imported products, according to their climate impact... 🌍🌿 A real all-round job! 

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Create a style of clothing in a responsible way ? Easy! At Oxfam - Magasins du Monde, opting for eco-consumption and second-hand is super easy! And above all, it supports their partners and projects, contributes to short circuit sales, embodies an environmentally friendly circular model and establishes conscious purchasing behaviour, thanks to awareness of the fight against overconsumption. 

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The "Oxfam Tools" Platform offers a wide range of educational tools and information materials to support awareness-raising and action initiatives. 📢 On the menu: podcasts, interactive games, brochures, exhibitions, posters, educational files,... All adapted to the target audiences and the objectives set! 🧑‍🏫

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Through its awareness-raising actions, Oxfam - Magasins du monde supports changes/actions with 75% of the municipalities, 50% of secondary schools, 15% of primary schools in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation thanks to its education lever!

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Do you know the Oxfam Breakfasts ? 🍵 Every year, in November, nearly 150 breakfasts are organised in a single weekend in the four corners of Wallonia and in Brussels! Part of the profits contribute to the financing of the project of one of their fair trade craft partners. 🌍 The objective is to support the strengthening of their capacities, through the implementation of improvements at the material, technical, organizational, educational or political levels. The rest of the profits support the activities of Oxfam-Magasins du monde.

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