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The ecological transition of the agricultural and food world is an essential factor in safeguarding the environment. And Microfarmap understands this.

Through their digital platform, Microfarmap, powered by the non-profit organisation Farmap, brings together all the services useful for the development of farms: farm management applications, short-circuit sales software, toolbox, barter, buying and selling area, agroecology wiki,...  

The objective is that by being a member of Microfarmap, farmers, peasants and nimaculculturists (not from the agricultural world) can have access to support and financing at any stage of development of their project, whether it is under consideration, in transition or already in place on their farm.

Microfarmap provides information on agroecology and permaculture. But that's not all, because it is also possible to exchange good practices with other farmers and to be supported by public or private structures. Through an agroecology exchange forum and a system for connecting with public and private partners, Microfarmap intends to encourage the emergence of more sustainable agriculture. 

The company's success has been rewarded with several awards such as the "Mind & Market" in Namur in 2021.

If you too want to be a player in the agricultural and food transition, join the Microfarmap team! 

Digitalization of the agricultural world

2 "Mind & Market" Prize Namur (2021)

Development of agricultural activities

1 Prize "Trophées Incidences" of Walloon Brabant ...

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Microfarmap is a young and ambitious startup that collaborates with many associations such as The House of Agroecology asbl. By working together, these two structures can focus on their common goal: the agroecological transition.

One of Microfarmap's great proudest achievements is to have allowed, during the "Covid-19" period (summer 2020 and 2021), 600 young people from all walks of life to go and help 30 farmers and discover their profession for 5 to 15 days. It was a great moment of sharing and communion around the profession of farmer.

One of the first major events of which Microfarmap is a co-initiator took place on 23 March 2023 with the creation of the non-profit organisation "The House of Agroecology" which was created with the help of agricultural transition partners in order to bring together upstream (farmers) and downstream (agri-food companies) actors in the agricultural and food sector to accelerate the agroecological transition in Belgium together.




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Since the creation of Microfarmap, the idea has always been to support the agroecological transition as a model of agriculture. As a result, the company's mission is to participate in the production of healthy food, to develop biodiversity, to regenerate living soils, to feed local eaters... But it doesn't stop there,  Microfarmap is also promulgating a resilient economic model for the world of agriculture with the priority of ensuring remunerative prices for all producers.

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The Microfarmap project is not only an environmental project, it is also a social project. In fact, by revolutionizing the farming profession, he hopes to be able to re-enchant this profession that is no longer considered at its true value. Their goals are also to feed a population in the right way and maintain social ties in the countryside villages.

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In addition to being a one-of-a-kind company, Microfarmap is the only player in Belgium that has a vision of digital, as an accelerator to the agroecological transition. A first, which shows the extent to which the company is looking to the future and is aware of the major current issues (climate, biodiversity, water, soil).

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Microfarmap is a company that respects environmental and societal issues, a company that moves with the times and is focused on innovation. That's why at Meet My Job, we help them with their recruitment.

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