Image présentant l'entreprise Maison Dandoy pour le job Horeca Versatile Collaborator

Horeca Versatile Collaborator

  • Brussels
  • Unauthorized telecommuting
  • Full-time
  • 2 to 6 years

Job description

At Dandoy, our "Versatile Collaborator":

  • Works at the cash register, in the dining room, or in the product preparation area.

  • Permanently performs the tasks defined during his/her engagement with his/her Manager or the person responsible for human resources.

  • Will be able to work in the kitchen, at the biscuit counter and in the dining room necessary for the catering of a passing clientele.

  • Works in a team, must be autonomous, fast, and follow the instructions given during his/her training.

  • Listen to the management team, and wear the outfit provided by the establishment.

  • Works in accordance with the values of Dandoy.

  • Its values are ''Commitment, excellence and team spirit''


The versatile collaborator will have to meet the different requirements in the different areas referenced below:


  • Be aware of Maison Dandoy's service standards

  • Compliance with Maison Dandoy's HR guide

  • Show empathy in the face of an unhappy customer

  • To offer a quality welcome and service to each customer according to the standards of Maison Dandoy 

  • Attention to detail 

  • Keep the tasting room clean and tidy (counter tidy, no damaged or expired products, restocking of shelves, floor, tables and chairs clean and tidy, etc.)  

  • Apply the procedures for opening and closing the tasting room

  • Follow ongoing business guidelines and rituals 


  • Know the product range and recipes (biscuits, waffles, hot and cold drinks,...)  

  • Mastering the different preparations (Brussels waffles, whipped cream, caramel, cold teas, etc.)

  • Making, cooking and presenting recipes (Topping)

  • Ensure that all products comply with company standards (storage, service, quality, freshness,...)  


  • Keep a positive and smiling attitude even in stressful situations

  • Respect the instructions of the management team concerning the organization of work 

  • Be versatile and able to occupy the various positions in the tasting room (order taking, service, bar, dishwasher, cash register, biscuits, cooking, etc.)

  • Maintain constructive and caring communication with colleagues and the management team

  • Act proactively 

  • Report quality problems or areas for improvement to the management team


  • Keep your workstation clean and tidy (stock, worktop, kitchen, etc.).  

  • Ensure proper inventory management, FIFO 

  • Be mindful of losses. 

  • Apply the rules of good hygiene and food safety practices

  • Follow the opening and closing cleaning checklists

  • Ensures the cleanliness of the toilets (toilet, sink, toilet paper, hand towels,...)

Why apply?

  • Competitive salary package;

  • Meal vouchers;

  • Alan (outpatient and inpatient insurance);

  • 13th month;

  • Opportunities for growth;

  • Join a major Brussels institution;

  • Taste the best biscuits in Brussels 😀

Conduct of interviews

  • Step 1: 15 min call

  • Step 2: Meeting at our premises

  • Step 3: Test

  • Step 4: let's start!

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