Image présentant l'entreprise Maison Dandoy pour le job Assistant Manager Horeca

Assistant Manager Horeca

  • Brussels
  • Unauthorized telecommuting
  • Full-time
  • < 2 year(s)

Job description

Soft skills:

  • Manage and coach your team (20 to 30 people);

  • Ensure good communication with and within your team (transmission of adequate information and caring communication);

  • Support workers, both operationally and technically, by being their first point of contact within the store;

  • Motivate workers and ensure their satisfaction;

  • Supervise individually and collectively the members of the team in order to ensure the best possible atmosphere within the store;

  • Manage the recruitment, interviews, and engagement of new team members;

  • Promote Quality Excellence to your team (high-quality customer relations and service);

  • Maintain fast and accurate service, ensure an excellent customer experience, and ensure that all products comply with company standards;

  • Train and develop the skills of team members, or even versatility, through targeted training actions;

  • Train new team members;

  • Excels in performing all team member tasks.

Hard skills:

  • Manage and develop the store's performance by proposing and implementing continuous improvement avenues;

  • Plan the schedules in accordance with the constraints imposed by Maison Dandoy (opening and closing of the store);

  • Manage the planning of pre-packaged products (sales forecasts);

  • Manage the packaging processes in the ERP (Odoo) as a whole;

  • Manage inventories, stocks and maintaining compliance with FIFO/FEFO;

  • Manage students;

  • Ensure the management of orders (especially in Odoo) and the receipt of deliveries;

  • Communicate in writing any problems encountered in your store to the Retail Manager;

  • Write any warnings under the control of the Retail Manager;

  • Manage the cash register and closing;

  • Manage certain day-to-day documents as well as the deposit of income;

  • Implementation of new procedures to optimize the store's operational flows under the control of Maison Dandoy;

  • Ensure compliance with HACCP rules and procedures (cleaning & disinfection, pest control plan, cold chain maintenance, waste management, traceability methods and mandatory notification);

  • Coordinate technicians to carry out preventive and curative maintenance of the store;

  • Identify and communicate quality-related issues;

  • Ensure the implementation of products in store (and showcase) according to the objectives, periods and directives of Maison Dandoy.


  • Management experience in the HORECA sector;

  • Flexible person willing to work weekends, holidays and evenings;

  • Enthusiastic personality with communicative energy;

  • Gourmet spirit and a certain interest in quality artisanal products;

  • High resistance to stress;

  • Practical and pragmatic spirit as well as good organization;

  • You are fluent in English and ideally have a good knowledge of Dutch. Any other language is a plus.

Why apply?

  • Competitive salary package;

  • An entrepreneurial climate within a young team, in a dynamic environment and a fast-growing company;

  • Join a major Brussels institution;

  • Taste the best biscuits in Brussels 😀

Conduct of interviews

  • Step 1: Send your CV (and LM)!

  • Step 2: First interview with the recruiter;

  • Step 3: Meet People & Culture Lead + Co CEO;

  • Step 4: Soft skills test;

  • Step 5: Welcome to the Dandoy family!

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