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Did you know that 2,144,000 Belgians, or 18.7% of the population, are at risk of poverty and social exclusion ?  In Brussels, this risk is multiplied by two: 38.8% of Brussels residents are at risk of poverty... 🙏 Les Petits Riens have decided to take these figures seriously by committing themselves to various social fronts... and we'll tell you how!

Les Petits Riens is a social economy organization (created in 1937!) whose mission is to support people in difficulty so that they can gain autonomy in a sustainable way. They thus develop social actions in the areas of accommodation, housing, social services, employment and training to meet the needs of the most vulnerable people in our society. 🤲💛

Among their social projects, we find a restaurant and a social café, accommodation for the homeless, transitional social housing, home 🏡 support, learning a trade within the Petits Riens, budgetary, legal and material assistance, cultural and sports activities and finally, medical aid with health check-ups and medical and psychiatric follow-ups... 👨 ⚕️ A wide range of actions to face the new challenges imposed (unfortunately) by poverty and exclusion in Belgium today.

But that's not all: their activities of collecting, sorting and selling second-hand goods, in addition to their positive environmental impact , also support the socio-professional integration of nearly 500 people each year. Indeed, Les Petits Riens offers the apprenticeship of a trade within the non-profit organisation itself, training workshops in electromechanics, a training and employment space,... A virtuous circle that warms our hearts! 🤗

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Social actions for the most disadvantaged

30 second-hand shops in Belgium

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Joining Les Petits Riens means being part of a team where social impact reigns through collegiality, inclusion, solidarity and the diversity of colleagues' skills ! 💛

A great way to belong within a general team of several hundred people? The Internal Journal of Les Petits Riens' employees, an internal communication channel that lists the monthly highlights within the association! 📰 But despite all these beautiful people, there is no shortage of ways to get together concretely: greening, launch reports , team meals and aperitifs, birthday celebrations, breakfasts, annual barbecue, sport, participation in the 20km of Brussels for the more sporty, Saint Nicholas,... Convivial, festive and unifying moments in perspective! 🎉

Soon, Van Volxem, a brand new integrated social centre, will open its doors in Forest. 🏢 This project will mark more than a change, it will be a real turning point for the provision of front-line services to people in precarious situations. The centre will be able to accommodate 3 times more people than today, in better conditions, and offer them a much wider range of services. This project was made possible thanks to subsidies, a donation, several partners... But also thanks to the collaboration of the Petits Riens teams for many months! 🧑 🤝 🧑 Social actions, building services, accounting, administration, HR, IT, merchandising, logistics, etc. A real collaborative work that was able to give birth to this beautiful project!

Are you ready to join a dedicated team with strong values of social economy and personal assistance? 🤝 Les Petits Riens is looking forward to you, whether you are a volunteer or looking for a meaningful job!




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The local impact of Les Petits Riens is 308 people housed in three shelters, 120 people monitored at home, 17 people housed in transitional housing and 859 people and/or families supported by their social services! 🧑‍🤝‍🧑🏡

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Since 2020, Les Petits Riens has been working on a new area of impact development: social real estate. The aim of this service is to create affordable supported housing in Brussels (LAA) for people in precarious situations. In collaboration with partners in the sector, the department has already been able to capture more than a hundred homes!

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Nearly 8,000 tons of donations (clothes, toys, household appliances and objects of all kinds) pass through the sorting center each year. ♻️ These second-hand goods are sorted according to their condition, brand or material. On a daily basis, more than 130 people make the most of these items.

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The non-profit organisation is convinced that putting people into activity/work is a key way to contribute to the enhancement of the person, the (re)construction of their social fabric, the acquisition of skills and autonomy. This is why it organises  collection, sorting and sales activities as levers for work-based training. More than 479 people have now followed a socio-professional integration programme ! 👷👨‍🔧👩‍💼

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To push the upcycling of textiles even further, Les Petits Riens has launched its upcycling brand, the Label Jaune. The Label Jaune's sewing workshop uses stocks of textiles that are not very valued and transforms them into unique pieces before putting them back on sale. ✨ In 2022, the Label Jaune expanded its offer by testing the upcycling of design objects. In total, 2,657 unique pieces were made in 2022 by the workshop's team, made up of 2 employees, 23 volunteers and interns!

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