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Our vitamins, your healthy solution!

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Your health is their priority!

This Belgian company has been specialising in the development of natural food supplements for several years.

Faced with a growing health problem, they want to raise awareness among the general public and health professionals about the importance of a healthy and balanced diet and the interest of nutraceuticals.

Unfortunately, the diet has its limits and certain micronutrients such as vitamins or minerals (vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, etc.) must be provided as "supplements" in order to correct any deficiencies.

To address this problem, LEPIVITS offers a range of clean food supplements, containing no synthetic excipients and being part of an eco-responsible approach.

Their advantage lies in the scientific knowledge of human physiology and nutrition in order to offer quality products recognized by health professionals (doctors, nutritional therapists, naturopaths, etc.).

Joining LEPIVITS means joining a young and dynamic team with an unwavering motivation to revolutionize the food supplement market!

Historical anecdote: This family business unfortunately went bankrupt a few years ago. It is with courage and perseverance that this new family start-up "LEPIVITS" takes up the torch!
A new, close-knit team, new production facilities and an "iron" motivation!

Wellness & Health

The Natural Food Supplement

Family business for over 30 years

Young & dynamic team

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At LEPIVITS, we like to share moments together! The events are numerous: sports competitions, board game evenings or some good restaurants. Every year, they celebrate Christmas with a drink and a good healthy meal.

Every Friday, someone from the team cooks for the entire team – so get cooking!

Why join the team? All talents will have the opportunity to join a fast-growing start-up and leave their mark on it – it is fundamental for LEPIVITS to offer an enriching experience, where each person has a say and will be valued throughout their work within the company.




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LEPIVITS aims to respond to public health issues:

- Combat malnutrition and nutritional deficiencies;
- Fight against pathologies due to pollution;
- Prevent pathologies through nutrition;
- Dealing with problems related to a sedentary lifestyle
- Act against stress-related disorders and diseases.

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To meet these needs, they offer clean food supplements, at an affordable price and adapted to the needs of everyone, from children to seniors.

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To ensure that their values and ethics are respected, they limit the intermediaries in the production chain of their products and they control their local raw materials. The manufacturing is based in their own laboratory in Wavre! They therefore favour a short and local circuit!

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Their packaging is "I'm Green" certified, and their containers are 100% natural and bio-sourced.

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