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Komut Bikes is a company that operates in the districts of Uccle, Saint-Gilles and Ixelles. Founded on a passion for cycling and sustainable mobility, Komut Bikes offers a range of services and products aimed at encouraging the use of bicycles as an alternative means of transport.

  1. Bicycle sales : In addition to rental, the company also offers the sale of new and used bicycles. Their selection includes city bikes, mountain bikes, e-bikes, and other types tailored to the specific needs of customers.

  2. Repairs & Maintenance : Komut Bikes has a repair shop where qualified technicians take care of all types of bikes. Whether it's for a simple repair, regular maintenance, or upgrade, the team makes sure the bikes work perfectly.

  3. Accessories & Equipment : The company also offers a range of accessories and equipment for cyclists, ranging from helmets and locks to panniers and lights, to ensure the safety and comfort of users.

  4. Promotion of sustainable mobility : Finally, Komut Bikes is actively committed to the promotion of sustainable mobility by encouraging the use of bicycles as an ecological and healthy means of transport. They organize community events, repair workshops, and awareness campaigns to encourage more people to adopt cycling in their daily lives.

Overall, Komut Bikes strives to become a pillar of the local cycling community by providing quality products and services, while promoting a more sustainable and cyclist-friendly vision of the city.

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Joining the Komut team means wearing the jersey of a committed and engaging team, convinced and convincing, but above all passionate about cycling and sustainable mobility! Because working with colleagues who fervently believe in the benefits of cycling for people and the planet, it motivates you to tickle the pedals, right!? 🚀

But building relationships doesn't stop at in-store services and activities: employé.es have no shortage of opportunities to play sports together or get together for a good meal. 🍽️ The team is also part of a virtuous ecosystem where local companies, ecological organizations and other partners with a positive impact meet... A great network full of dedicated humans, we wish it to all! 

What makes the working atmosphere even more special? Adherence to the flat management system, in which hierarchy is reduced to its maximum, thus promoting flexibility, autonomy, fulfilment, responsibilities and well-being for all. A company resolutely turned towards the future, concerned about the colors of each member of its team, that's a strong start!  💯🧑 🤝 🧑

Let's end with some good news. The brand plans to open other stores asap ... The more passionné.es, the more you laugh, right!? So, hop on your bike and take part in the growing adventure that is Komut!




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Our commitments to sustainable world

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Komut carefully selects its suppliers so that their bikes meet the highest standards of sustainability. By promoting eco-friendly materials and eco-friendly manufacturing and transportation processes, the company is doing its part of the hummingbird when it comes to reducing its carbon footprint.

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Thanks to local recycling companies, Komut minimizes the amount of waste related to their operations, including recycling programs for obsolete or end-of-life bicycle components. ♻️ This is an initiative that is not lacking in green!

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Reducing in-store waste ? Obviously! To achieve this, Komut has implemented several practices, including promoting the use of recyclable packaging materials and minimizing non-recyclable waste.

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As we know, adopting a healthy and active lifestyle is essential... And that's why Komut promotes cycling as an ideal means of transport, which combines physical activity, green mobility and accessibility, by offering bikes adapted to different needs. 🚴

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And because two-wheelers bring together a real community, Komut gets involved by organizing events, workshops and collaborations with other local businesses in order to strengthen ties and continue to promote the benefits of cycling for people and the planet: partnerships with ecological organizations, recycling programs, educational sessions, maintenance workshops, etc. ... Coming together for sustainability, we say YES!

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Did you know that Komut also offers repair services ? That's the goal of their Bike and Repair workshops! 🛠️ With one click (or call), they take care of pampering your bike to put it back on wheels in record time. At a time when urban mobility is changing radically, seeing this type of service flourish is as exciting as it is useful!

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