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The Iris Sud Hospitals (HIS) is a public sector hospital establishment made up of 4 sites spread over the south of Brussels: Joseph Bracops in Anderlecht, Molière Longchamp in Forest, Etterbeek-Ixelles in Ixelles and Baron Lambert in Etterbeek... So many structures that are committed to people every day... and much more! 🧡

With an approach focused on, the Iris Sud Hospitals provide the entire population of Brussels with high-performance and quality care, as well as real multidisciplinary care... All this while maintaining a real dimension of proximity. 🤝

It is also a rapidly evolving hospital, concerned with providing the best possible support to its staff through the development of participatory and inclusive management, training, professional events, offering prospects for development or various initiatives (personalized integration program, training program, possibility of mobility within the IRIS network, good balance between private and professional life, massage and light therapy sessions,...) to ensure quality of life at work. An ecosystem where all professions are pampered, from the assistant to the computer scientist, including the management controller and the nurse! 🚀

Last but not least, the Iris Sud Hospitals also embody a structure with a strong desire to contribute to a future that is more respectful of the planet. Obtaining the Ecodynamic Company Label testifies to this and is a major recognition of their commitment to qualitative and sustainable practices! 🌱 This is not to mention the organisation's participation in the "Greening the Brussels Healthcare Sector" project, which strengthens hospital staff's knowledge of climate change, the circular economy and sustainable food to make them into action plans later on... We love green in healthcare!

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Joining Iris Sud Hospitals means being part of a multidisciplinary team of 2,500 colleagues who make it their mission every day to serve life with passion, kindness and respect... But also dynamism and proactivity, all sprinkled with good humor ! 🥰

Transparent communication, openness to new ideas and personal development, as well as continuous improvement of practices are part of the culture of Iris Sud Hospitals. Based on the participation of everyone, in particular through the use of collective intelligence tools, the whole team can actively contribute to the development of the hospital!

And who says development, says cohesion ! 🤝 To do this, the teams organise an annual team building and set up many events, such as the HIS party, drinks, participation in sports competitions such as the 12km of Anderlecht and the Run To Kick (get your trainers ready!), the Etterbeek-Ixelles Christmas Market (organised to highlight craftsmen "made in HIS"), the feast of St. Nicholas, the feast of the pensioners of the year,... Moments that we are told are rich in encounters, enthusiasm and conviviality ! 💛

And because people are essential, a series of well-being benefits are an integral part of team life, including a personalised integration programme, a wide range of training courses, the possibility of mobility within the IRIS network, a good work-life balance , etc. And even massage and light therapy sessions (we are almost jealous, we admit it)! 😄

Does it appeal to you about working in a warm ecosystem, where special recognition is given to all professions, from white-collar to apron (including students and interns), and where inclusion and diversity are essential? Embark on the adventure! 🙌




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Did you know that the Management Committee of Iris Sud Hospitals was predominantly female ? Yes, there is no glass ceiling in their home! No matter what gender you are, no difference is made and your skills will always be rewarded!

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The Iris Sud Hospitals have been awarded the Ecodynamic Enterprise Label of the Brussels-Capital Region. 🌱 This means that they meet specific criteria in terms of eco-management and are among those who are making things happen in Brussels in terms of the environment.

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Numerous collaborations with non-profit organisations are set up by the Hospitals, in particular with BruZelle (which fights against period poverty and the taboo around menstruation in Belgium), TADA (which offers additional education and introduces children from vulnerable neighbourhoods in Brussels to professions) and Lovely Solidarity (which offers special support to breast cancer patients). 🎗️

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Their environmental impact is one of the pillars of their values and this can be seen in concrete terms: installation of electric charging stations on their various sites, installation of photovoltaic panels (covering 13% of electricity needs), bicycle leasing, active awareness raising among staff (among other things via the "Greening the Brussels Healthcare Sector" project)... Hospitals focused on sustainability, we love it! 🌍💚

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In 2022, thanks to their commitment to the Rational Use of Energy (ERU), targeted energy works and efficient management of HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) installations have therefore led to a significant reduction in the energy consumption of their buildings. Small steps that make all the difference!

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As a public hospital, Iris Sud Hospitals is therefore committed to offering accessibility to care for all, in complete neutrality and inclusiveness. Their wish is that everyone, regardless of their situation, can have access to quality care. 👨‍⚕️

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