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Replace oil with wood

  • Ecology & Environment, Circular economy, Energy
  • Province of Namur

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Coopeos is a citizens' cooperative that uses local wood resources to heat businesses, schools, municipalities and communities.

Its mission? Collect green waste from the public and private sectors (municipalities, carpenters, companies, etc.), dry it, then transform it into quality fuel for wood boilers.

Another action plan of Coopeos is the installation of wood-fired boilers in individuals, schools, companies or swimming pools as well as their complete management (technical, local wood supply) over the long term.

Thus, by developing energy from local wood waste, Coopeos' objective is to reduce CO2 emissions, create local jobs and set up a circular economy by finding a use for waste that was not previously recovered.

Another interesting dimension within this cooperative is that it relies on its projects to carry out actions to raise awareness of sustainable energy with local partners.

Through its missions and values, Coopeos aims to show that another business model is possible and wants to be a lever for change towards a more sustainable, participative and equitable society. Coopeos is thus a relevant player in the energy transition in Belgium.

Are you passionate about renewable energies and want to get involved in a job with a future that makes sense? Then join the Coopeos team, which works every day for an ethical and sustainable world!

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Social Economy Award 2017

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Working in a cooperative means being able to benefit from the mutual aid it brings together and the feeling of fraternity it creates.

But what makes this company so special is above all the principle of equal pay that it has put in place. Indeed, everyone contributes to a common goal, although each of these stones is different, Coopeos believes that there is no one that is more valuable than the other. That's why there is perfect pay equality between the members of the cooperative! Finding social inequalities unfair, Coopeos was keen to recreate, at its own level, the society so dreamed of by its supporters.

Joining Coopeos also means being part of a team full of energy (and it is the case to say so!) and multidisciplinary mastering the technical aspects as well as the economic and financial aspects, communication and awareness. In addition, energy being one of the key issues of our society, the challenges are numerous! So, if you want to actively participate in the rise of a company and you like challenges and are not afraid to take initiative, working at Coopeos should please you!




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Since the creation of Coopeos, the idea has always been to commit to the energy transition in order to have a real positive impact on the planet. Thus, by substituting fossil fuels with a renewable and local fuel and by minimizing transport through the development of local sectors, the cooperative manages to considerably reduce energy consumption at the local level. Indeed, since 2015, Coopeos has been able to recover 3,100 tons of green waste and thus avoid the emission of 3,500 tons of CO2 per year!

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Coopeos also participates in the development of the local economy, in particular by creating jobs in social economy structures. Turning an underexploited and expensive local resource into a product with high economic and environmental value also contributes to this development.

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The cooperative is also keen to involve citizens in its projects by federating and energizing an entire territory around a common objective that makes sense. To do this, it brings together a wide audience around its projects by raising awareness of sustainable development.

It is for all these reasons that we are proud to support Coopeos!

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