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The 20 qualities to give in a job interview

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Although it is sometimes difficult to anticipate questions during a job interview, there is one that recruiters never forget to ask : the famous question of flaws and qualities ! Indeed, who has never heard the famous phrase "Name me 3 qualities and 3 defects "  ? A classic in job interviews! So, to score points, you'll need to put your best foot forward and showcase your best assets. However, if you are not well prepared, your answer could put serious obstacles in your way. That's why we've put together in this article the 20 qualities most appreciated by recruiters !

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  • Choose qualities that are unique to your personality !

Before revealing the qualities that recruiters like, it is important to note that you must first select the ones that best fit your personality. Indeed, it is not a question of randomly citing qualities or lying to the recruiter in front of you. If this happens, even if you manage to land the job, you will then be faced with tasks that you will likely struggle to complete because they will require skills that you may not have.

In a job interview, sincerity remains the best way to follow to avoid a path strewn with pitfalls as soon as you arrive !
Also, don't forget that showcasing your qualities in a job interview is not just about professional skills! Indeed, recruiters also like to dwell on the famous " soft skills  ", those qualities that determine your personality. Thus, it allows you to better understand your profile and see how your character will influence the way you work.

As a result, the question "what are your main qualities " is a stage of the interview that requires preparation beforehand because it requires a good knowledge of yourself.

  • How to identify your qualities?

Whether it's because they're too demanding of themselves or their talents don't seem extraordinary to them, most people struggle to recognize their strengths

However, with a little introspection, it is possible to become aware of one's talents. Indeed, we tend to forget that our experiences have required us to do a certain number of them, and sometimes even new ones. So, looking back at one's career can help to remember or even discover one's own talents. Don't have any work experience yet? No problem ! You can then draw inspiration from your outdoor activities if you practice volunteer activities, play theatre or be part of a sports team, for example. Each one requires specific skills that might be interesting to highlight during an interview.

Also, remember the compliments you receive on a recurring basis. This may allow you to add a few assets to your list that you hadn't thought of yet.

In addition, there are also external solutions to identify its qualities.

For example, to find out how you are perceived by others, you can appeal to your personal and professional entourage. However, keep in mind that these opinions are only a perception, therefore subjective, and will vary depending on the relationship you have with an individual. This is because your friends don't see you in the same way as your office colleagues, with whom you may be more distant and serious. The information you collect about yourself should therefore be treated with care.

Finally, given the limitations in terms of objectivity of the previous proposals, personality tests would seem to be the ideal solution to collect neutral information about you. This is provided that you answer the questionnaires honestly, of course ! There are a wide range of online personality tests on the internet. Among them, the MBTI, DISC, look-alike test,... We have prepared an article for you with the 5 best personality tests !

  • What qualities should you highlight in front of the recruiter ?

Once you have identified the qualities that correspond to you, you can then check in the list below if any of them are there. Maybe you'll also identify some of your strengths that haven't been mentioned before.

However, be sure to select the ones that will be particularly useful for the position you are applying for! To help you in your choice, look at the qualities required by profession. For example, Studyrama offers job descriptions to learn more about the skills required for a profession.

  • 20 qualities that recruiters are interested in:

  1. Organized : able to manage one's schedule and plan project management in advance

  2. Curious : always looking to learn new things and develop new skills

  3. Autonomous : quickly finds his place and rhythm and knows how to take initiative on his own

  4. Dynamic : always ready to move forward and bounce back despite obstacles

  5. Self-motivated : 100% invested if something motivates them

  6. Ambitious : is fully committed to their work and has the will to succeed in order to evolve

  7. Patient : doesn't make hasty decisions and knows how to take a step back from things

  8. Flexible : easily adapts to changing and unforeseen situations

  9. Optimistic : Sees the bright side of things and always finds solutions to problems

  10. Sociable : easy to get to and comfortable with gatherings

  11. Meticulous : always keen to deliver a finished and quality work

  12. Foresighted : considers the possibilities and makes arrangements to be able to deal with each of them

  13. Good team player: knows how to work with others and enjoys interpersonal skills

  14. Diplomat : knows how to handle difficult situations and listen to others

  15. Sense of repartee : knows how to respond promptly and brilliantly to reproaches

  16. Creative : likes change and knows how to innovate

  17. Integrity : Demonstrates impartiality and honesty

  18. Rigorous : person with an eye for detail and a good analytical mind

  19. Empathetic : knows how to put oneself in the shoes of others and listen

  20. Smiling : spreads his good humor wherever he goes

  • How to talk about your qualities in a job interview ?

To talk to a recruiter about your strengths, it is important to take care of the wording and don't forget to give a few examples to attest to them. For example, use phrases that begin with "My friends/former colleagues say I am..." or " I'm often told that..."  "I am not sure You will then avoid giving a proud or conceited image of yourself, which will surely please the recruiter ! As Montesquieu said, " A fund of modesty brings a very high interest " !

As you can see, although the question of qualities may seem futile to you because 3 simple words cannot define who you really are, it is the only way for the recruiter to know a little more about your personality. Thus, the challenge of this question is to highlight your main strengths in order to determine if you are right for the job.

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