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Are you a recent graduate? Embark on the adventure with the STIB Young Starter Programme!

Image de présentation de l'article Are you a recent graduate? Embark on the adventure with the STIB Young Starter Programme!

Have you just graduated with a bachelor's or master's degree with a technical focus (civil, industrial, electromechanical, mechanical, electrical) or IT-oriented engineering? Have you just finished your studies or is it a matter of weeks or months? And above all, are you looking to give a boost to your professional career? Look no further! The Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles (STIB) offers you a unique opportunity to join its Young Starter programme, a real springboard to a career full of opportunities and achievements.

What is the Young Starter Program?

STIB's Young Starter Programme is much more than just getting your first job. Hired on a permanent contract, your adventure begins on September 16 alongside other young talents.
What's so special about it? During your first 2 years at STIB, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in 3 missions of 8 months each, allowing you to explore the different divisions and discover what you are most passionate about. At the end of these 2 years, you choose your path within STIB ! Because in the end, it's by being in the action that we really discover what drives us!

Are you wondering what types of projects you might be working on? We'll give you an overview :

STIB is made up of more than 10,000 people and 300 different professions who work together every day to make Brussels move, which makes them a real possibility ! If you have a technically-oriented degree, you may, for example, be involved in the commissioning and testing of a hydrogen refuelling station, technical coordination, studies and site monitoring for cross-functional projects or the study of the implementation of soft driving in trams and the impact on energy consumption as well as customer satisfaction. 

If you've completed your IT training, you'll have the opportunity to see almost everything! The goal is for you to be able to touch as many IT areas as possible, from new application development to data, cybersecurity and architecture.

In short, it's a total immersion in the exciting world of public transport, where each day brings its share of discoveries, challenges and achievements. By joining this program, you join a dynamic and committed team, ready to push the boundaries of urban mobility.

Specific guidance to become a superhero or superheroine !

If you enter the professional world, it is a whole new world that opens up to you and you deserve the support that will allow you to develop. STIB has understood this and will accompany you throughout your journey ! Your mentors, your HR manager and the experts are there for you and you will have the opportunity to follow several training programs, both in terms of hard and soft skills.

And let's not forget all the fun activities planned with your Young Starters colleagues (because having fun also 😉 counts).

What's next ? 

Positions have just opened and you have until April 5, 2024 to submit your application ! After your first meeting with STIB, you will have the opportunity to participate in an immersion day full of surprises and meet your potential future mentors (already note the date of April 17 in your diary).

To apply ? It's this way : https://www.meet-my-job.com/entreprises-impact/stib-mivb

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