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6 tests to help you in your career change

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Are you looking to retrain in a job that is more in line with your personal values but don't know where to start? Don't make the mistake of looking for retraining ideas before you even know what you're really looking for! Indeed, finding one's way without really knowing oneself is mission impossible. Think you know each other? Think you're ready? Is it time to change careers? To find out, we have put together 6 tests for you to succeed in your retraining with complete peace of mind!

Want to change careers? We have put together some tips for you to prepare for a career change!

The MBTI test

Because knowing yourself well is essential to find the job that suits you best, the MBTI test is THE reference test to better understand your psychological profile.

It is presented in the form of a questionnaire comprising between 93 and 222 questions depending on the version.

In concrete terms, the theory of the MBTI is based on four dimensions, each proposing two opposing preferences, which leads to the existence of 16 different types of personalities: the architect, the logician, the commander, the innovator, the lawyer, the mediator, the inspirer, the protagonist, the logistician, the defender, the director, the consul, the virtuoso, the adventurer, the entrepreneur and the entertainer.

Thus, depending on the profile you come across, this test will help you see more clearly your needs and motivations in your personal and professional life.

To learn more about this world-famous test, check out our article on the MBTI test, we explain everything to you!

The "Compass" personality test

Are you looking for the "ideal job" that would match your personality, your aspirations, your desires and your skills? Luckily, the founders of Wake Up, a self-help school, have developed the "Compass" test to help you in your search!

Based on neuroscience studies, this test aims to find the intersection between your talents and what drives you.

At the end of the 80 questions of the test, you will then be able to become aware of your innate abilities and how best to use them professionally.

"Compass" is therefore a wonderful tool to help you find the job you are made for!

The SOSIE test

SOSIE is a test that identifies your personality traits, values, and behaviors in order to assess your chances of success for a position. Indeed, understanding what drives you in life is essential to finding a job that suits you.

The SOSIE personality test consists of 98 questions. For each of them, you will have to place the proposal that best suits you in the "+" column and the one that corresponds least to you in the "-" column. So, as you complete this picture, your professional doppelganger will take shape (hence the name of the test!).

At the end of this series of choices, you will then be able to see the personality traits, values and behavioral styles that dominate in you.

Note: there is also SOSIE 2, a longer version of the test (120 questions), which distinguishes between personal and interpersonal values.

The PAPI questionnaire

The PAPI (Personality and Preference Inventory) is a personality questionnaire with a specific professional purpose and is used to study a person's behaviour and motivations at work.

Its objective is to decipher the professional personality of an individual in order to better understand, through his preferences and the perception he has of himself at work, his mode of operation within a company or in a position.

There are two versions of the PAPI.

The first, the "ipsative " PAPI, consists of 68 questions, each presented in the form of three statements. You must then indicate, for each of these triads, the statement that corresponds most to you and the one that corresponds least to you.

Whereas in the second version, the "normative" PAPI, you are asked to answer 161 questions, this time presented in the form of a single statement. You must then estimate, in relation to this sentence, how you position yourself on a calibrated scale of values: strongly disagree, disagree, somewhat disagree, neither agree nor disagree, somewhat agree, agree or strongly agree.

Good to know: the PAPI questionnaire is quick to pass ! Allow an average of 20 to 30 minutes.

The OCEAN test

Also known as the "Big Five", the OCEAN test helps you better understand your own personality in order to identify the best career choices for you. In short, a very useful but also very fast tool to help build your professional future!

During the test, you are asked to answer a self-assessment questionnaire of about 40 questions. These, as with the PAPI test, are presented in the form of affirmations and you must judge whether these correspond to your character or not by checking "Strong agreement", "Agree", "Neither agree nor disagree", "Disagree" or "Strongly disagree".

At the end of the test, you will then get a score for each of the 5 personality areas analyzed. The latter, universal, are Originality, Control, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Nervousness.

The OCEAN test allows you to identify the behaviour, thinking and motivation preferences related to your personality in order to guide you in your professional retraining choices.

Haven't found your dream job yet?

After passing all these tests, you must surely have a clearer picture about your new career path. So it's time to find a job that aligns with your values and personality!

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