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It all started in 2017 when Christel and Quentin, founders of Yuman Village, made an unfortunate observation about the circular economy in Belgium. On the one hand, there are more and more entrepreneurs who develop responsible and sustainable products and on the other hand, consumers want to consume differently but do not have access to products (at the time, it was impossible to do circular "shopping" in less than 2 hours in Brussels without multiplying trips!). It therefore seems necessary to bring together this new green economy and eco-responsible consumers in a single place... Two years later, Yuman Village was launched!

The 1000m2 store in Saint Gilles offers a wide range of circular products and services to meet the needs of everyday life. In the heart of the village, dressing or decorating rhymes with zero-waste and second-hand. Natural products as well as upcycling and fair trade are just as central to it. 

Yuman defends the idea that everyone can make a difference in the fight against global warming. That's why the company gives a unique place to the consumer. It is no longer a simple buyer but a consumer, essential to limit the use of the planet's resources. For example, customers can bring their everyday items to a collection point to be recycled. But raising awareness of climate issues goes even further. Yuman Village also organizes various events for "its villagers": conferences, zero-waste workshops, repair cafés, etc.

The project is now ready to continue its development, in particular through the creation of a network of stores in Brussels and other major cities in the country, as well as the development of the online presence. The goal remains to make the circular economy accessible to all Belgians! 

If you think #Yumakethedifference, join the Yuman dream team!

The 1st circular village in Brussels

Zero-waste, second-hand, upcycling

80 eco-responsible partner companies

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Innovating in terms of circularity surely doesn't stop the team from having fun! Yuman's employees have no shortage of ideas: dinners, escape games, Christmas celebrations, weekly team meetings... But what makes the organization so special is above all the opportunity to participate in the development of a unique project, the possibility of meeting actors of change and finally a team where everyone can deploy their talents! 

Fun fact: Individuals and professionals mobilized during the fundraising on Lita, a crowdfunding organization for sustainable companies. At the end of the fundraising, Yuman's team raised €310,000 for the opening of future villages!




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It's not just the customer who is king at Yuman: the local is too! One of their major societal goals is to help local entrepreneurs grow. If Yuman's team is faced with two identical solutions, they choose the one manufactured closest to the point of sale. As a result, 70% of their products are made in Belgium. In addition, their community is made up of around 80 Belgian entrepreneurs whose creations and products they sell within Yuman.

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It's no coincidence that Yuman's logo is circular. Indeed, the company pays great attention to participating in (always local) recycling loops. She collects clothes, beauty products, and other items from her customers for their partners to use to make new products. 

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On a social level, Yuman Village does not deviate from its objective of positive impact either. The organisation has defined three missions in a true spirit of solidarity: to help local entrepreneurs to develop, to welcome students to inspire them and to collaborate with the most vulnerable (disabled or destitute). Each year, Yuman measures the evolution of these 3 indicators. And that's not counting the people they raise awareness of sustainable consumption and recycling every day. All in all, Yuman's deepest motivation is still to contribute to creating a more circular society! 

It is for all these reasons that Meet My Job is happy to support and welcome Yuman to its community!

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