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"Be part of the change with us" is Yuma's motto!

Yuma is a Belgian brand, founded more than two years ago with a strong ecological mission: to offer a new healthy protein source, nutritionally equivalent to that of meat but with an environmental impact similar to that of plants: the European cricket!

Their challenge: Yuma has been tailor-made to familiarize consumers with this new superfood that is crickets, through healthy and gourmet products!

To meet this challenge, they have developed a range of savoury aperitif biscuits enriched with cricket flour with gourmet flavours: multi-seed, herbs & peppers or even Emmental and Italian bouquet! The objective of this first organic and 100% artisanal range is to standardize the cricket in the minds of consumers. The ideal snack for foodies who want to do something for the planet while having fun!

Subsequently, the ambition is to market cricket burgers in order to replace traditional protein sources by offering a much more sustainable and healthy alternative.

After closing their first fundraising round in the summer of 2022, they are pumped up to move mountains and make Yuma the reference in the field of insect-based food!

If you too want to normalize crickets and bring a sustainable alternative to consumers, then go ahead and join the Yuma dream team!

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As a young team, they are continuously sharing to evolve the project through long strategic discussions and brainstorming! Outside of the office, they like to go for a drink or take a short trip to the Netherlands to visit the cricket farm! Trade shows abroad are also times when they take the opportunity to combine pleasure and work!

The little +'s that make Yuma so special: daily autonomy in decision-making, flexible working hours, a dynamic with strong values, an innovative corporate mission in an exciting sector and above all... of the FUN!

Fun fact: after a fundraising campaign in the summer of 2022, the entire team is working on the development of new Yuma products. Stay tuned!




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In addition to its excellent nutritional qualities, crickets have the power to significantly reduce the environmental impact of our food and their breeding requires few resources!

For example, a cricket burger at the same weight and to obtain the same amount of protein as a beef steak uses 2000 times less water, emits 60 times less greenhouse gases, requires 25 times less food and takes up 15 times less space!

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Yuma makes it a point of honour to source the raw materials, which are all European (the crickets come from the Netherlands). As for the production, it is 100% artisanal and "Made in Belgium"!

Yuma works with sheltered workshops to integrate workers with disabilities into the manufacturing process.

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Reinforced with cricket flour, their crackers are made for gourmets who are looking to enjoy themselves while taking care of their health and the planet!

Through the distribution of their products enriched with insect meal in more than 600 Belgian food stores (grocery stores, supermarkets, organic stores, etc.), they familiarize Belgians with a new diet that is more sustainable, more innovative and more respectful of the environment!

For all these reasons, we are happy to support Yuma!

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