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The story of Woodcab began in 2009, when Arthur, an engineer-architect, became fascinated by the functionality of mountain constructions (mountain huts and granaries). Dependent on technical constraints, prefabricated and easily dismantled or repaired... 🔨 So many qualities per square metre, it gives you ideas! 

Over the years, Arthur discovered other concepts such as hotel capsules and their micro-rooms in Japan, and it didn't take much more for him to become passionate about the subject, dream, imagine, and then create... and give birth to the first Woodcab prototype in wood, which can be dismantled and modular, cut using digital technology. The appearance of Covid will have the effect of adapting the project so that it can be placed outside... And boom, that's Woodcab!

Today, Woodcab designs, markets and installs in a few hours 100% Belgian garden studios, made of European wood and fully customizable, dismountable, repairable, replaceable and recyclable! 🏡🌳 In short, an innovative idea, respectful of the environment and not lacking in ingenuity, this is an observation that we like!

The little +? The possibility of leasing or renting Woodcabs, as well as a thriving second-hand and refurbishment market. ♻️ Circular, you want some, here it is! 

The company therefore meets several current needs, particularly in terms of mobility (bye bye car to go to work!) and teleworking, well-being and separation of professional and private life, creation of additional living spaces, responsible and sustainable construction,... A real Swiss Army knife of solutions, accessible to all! 💚

As you can probably imagine, this concept is starting to seduce internationally and to expand in France, which delights us! But, at the same time, Woodcab remains firmly anchored in the local sector and is keen to create strategic partnerships within the Brussels circular industry ecosystem. Taking care of your roots while nurturing your growth, Woodcab understands this! 

100% Belgian

Modular living spaces in PEFC wood

Circularity & eco-responsibility

Accessible, sustainable and customizable

taste of the team

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Ready to work out? We are told backstage that the team is sporty ! Indeed, the team shares the same passion for different sports that allow them to reconnect with nature : cycling, trail running, kitesurfing, ski touring... 🚴 and several outings are organized, combined with a good restaurant and afterworks. 🍴🥂

What do they have in common? The passion and conviction that our way of life must undeniably evolve towards sustainability and eco-responsibility. Being committed to the world of tomorrow while being part of a great team with great growth prospects makes you want to move mountains, doesn't it? 💪

At Woodcab, all profiles are represented. Since 2021, a partnership has been formed around a multidisciplinary team, made up of carpenters, engineers, architects and a sales and digital team. A team that is growing as Woodcab has grown exponentially in gardens here and elsewhere! ... What if your talent complemented their range of possibilities? 🎨




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Our commitments to sustainable world

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Woodcab collaborates with 100% Belgian partners (builders, transporters, suppliers) and 98% of their Woodcabs are built with PEFC (Sustainable Forest Management) labelled European wood. 🌳

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The system of wooden parts assembled by connectors is completely removable, repairable, replaceable and exchangeable. After reuse, the individual elements can be 100% recycled into wood fibres . A design that doesn't just have the circular saw!

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Woodcab responds to the notion of "product as a service" through their leasing and rental offers. The team has also set up a second-hand market, in order to give Woodcabs a second life: they can be bought back by the company which will then recondition them before putting them back on the market at a favourable price. ♻️ 100% winning initiatives!

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Did you know that a Woodcab studio is a carbon gain of one tonne of CO² per m³ ?

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Tired of wasting time in traffic jams? Woodcabs address the mobility problem by encouraging workers to work from home. One less thing to worry about, more comfort! But that's not all: they also provide a solution in terms of separating private and professional life. Home sweet home! 🏡

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The Woodcabs are placed on removable foundation screws, without concrete and therefore without impact on the natural environment. When respect for the living meets functionality, we love it!

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