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Management assistant & DPO

  • Brussels
  • Telework partially allowed
  • Full-time
  • < 15 year(s)
  • Between 25 and 50 k/year

Job description

This multifaceted role combines two aspects. On the one hand, you will support the CEO and management in various areas:

  • As the CEO's right-hand man, you manage the agenda, plan and organize internal and external meetings, prepare meetings and presentations, etc. In addition, you take minutes during meetings.

  • You think for 2 and anticipate in the interest of the organization. You work with a great deal of independence and in close consultation with the CEO.

  • You can easily set priorities, separate the main issues from the side issues, but also dive into the details that can make the difference.

  • For the management of the meeting rooms and practical organization of meetings, you work together with the Office Manager.

On the other hand, you are responsible for following up and advising on data protection files. You are the first point of contact internally for various legal questions. Your duties will include:

  • Inform and advise employees on the legal obligations regarding data protection and the rules relating to the GDPR. This involves answering questions from your colleagues and keeping them informed of new developments.

  • Ensuring compliance with the GDPR internally and suggesting suggestions for improvement.

  • Advising the organisation on DPIAs and how to act.

  • Further develop your legal knowledge.


  • Ideally, you have a bachelor's degree in legal practice or a bachelor's degree in office management with knowledge of data protection legislation.

  • Experience as a management assistant or within data protection is welcome but not necessary.

  • You have a flexible mindset and have strong organizational skills. In addition, you are practical and creative in finding solutions to human and organizational problems. More complex files do not immediately scare you and you can deal with a multitude of tasks.

  • Discretion, maturity, integrity, responsibility and commitment are self-evident to you.

Why apply?

  • The ability to work directly with the CEO and to have an impact across the organization by setting up initiatives for the efficient management of data protection items.

  • The space to further expand yourself and your range of tasks according to your ambitions and interests.

  • A flexible working environment in which you can take initiative and a dynamic team that you can be part of.

  • A full-time or 4/5th contract of indefinite duration with competitive remuneration, supplemented with interesting fringe benefits such as meal vouchers (7 euros per day worked), eco vouchers (250 euros pro rata), hospitalisation insurance, group insurance, a laptop, etc.

Conduct of interviews

  • Telephone screening with a colleague from the HR team

  • 1st interview with HR

  • 2nd interview with the CEO

About the company

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