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Improving the quality of life in the city through sustainable mobility? This is the mission that Urbike has set for itself!

The Urbike cooperative is positioning itself as an accelerator of change in urban logistics. Its mission is to transform mobility and quality of life in the heart of cities by stimulating the replacement of vans and light trucks with cargo bikes for the last mile. Founded in Brussels in 2018, the cooperative has become one of Belgium's leading players in sustainable urban logistics in just a few years.

In order to improve the quality of life in the city, Urbike provides 3 complementary services. First of all, the cooperative offers companies cargo delivery services for all types of goods in the city, for individuals as well as professionals. Urbike's experts also support companies and public organizations in their logistics transition projects, and train their employees in the driving and use of cargo bikes. Finally, Urbike rents and sells rolling stock for professional bicycle logistics activities.

Since its creation, the Urbike cooperative has received numerous awards (Bike Brussels Start-up of the Year in 2018, Social Economy Prize in 2020, Logistics Project of the Year in 2020, etc.) and has been approved as a social and democratic enterprise by the Brussels-Capital Region.

If you want to play an active role in the transformation of mobility in Brussels and Belgium, contribute to the acceleration of the environmental and social transition of our societies, participate in the development of a meaningful project that nurtures great ambitions, join the #TeamGrossesCuisses!

Sustainable urban logistics

45,000 bike deliveries

25 tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided

Logistics Project of the Year Award (2020)

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Benevolence, trust, participative management... Values that are well established at Urbike !

As part of the team, they love to spend time together: sharing breakfast to bring new ideas to life, the monthly barbecue sometimes combined with a bike flea market or a concert and many bike rides and bike races such as the BXL TOUR!

Supported by a cooperative business model, Urbike shows that it is possible to combine logistical innovation, operational efficiency and the guarantee of respectful working conditions that generate meaning, pleasure and pride for all. Urbike encourages each individual to suggest improvements, share innovative ideas and help bring them to fruition for the delight of employees !

Urbike is looking for new talent to accelerate the transition to more sustainable cities. So, are you ready to join the adventure?




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Road transport is one of the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions in Belgium (20.4% of the total in 2020). In Brussels, freight transport accounts for only 10 to 15% of road traffic but more than 30% of transport-related CO2 emissions and up to 50% of fine particle emissions. Therefore, reducing the environmental impact of urban deliveries is a top priority.

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That's where Urbike comes in! Thanks to its cyclo-logistics solutions, Urbike actively contributes to improving the environmental impact of delivery activities in the Brussels region. In 2021, Urbike's couriers prevented the emission of more than 50t of CO2 into the atmosphere. And if we add to this the emissions avoided by all the organisations supported by Urbike in logistics transformation missions, the balance sheet is all the more important! Finally, Urbike does not stop there and is involved in several Brussels networks in favour of the promotion of the circular economy, the social and solidarity economy, carbon-free logistics or simply cycling at the regional level.

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The cooperative is based on a democratic, solidarity-based and participatory governance model in which each cooperator has one vote at the general assembly. As a result, it can have a direct impact on the choices made by Urbike in terms of social, economic and environmental transition. In addition, from a social point of view, Urbike works to enhance the value of the work of bicycle couriers, to guarantee fair remuneration and adequate insurance coverage.

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Urbike has decided to make a concrete commitment to sustainable mobility that puts people and nature back at the heart of its concerns.  It is for all these reasons that we are proud to support them.

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