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Do we still need to introduce you to the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), a real Brussels institution since 1834 ? 🧑 🎓 Much more than just an academic institution, it fervently embodies the spirit of freedom, innovation and social and environmental commitment !

Located in the heart of Brussels, the university is renowned for its many programs (+ 350!) and its international dynamism (+ 450 partners around the world!). 🌍  As you can see, with its 40,000 students and more than 800 teaching units addressing themes related to the Sustainable Development Goals, the university is a real crossroads of cultures and ideas, conducive to the birth of a greener future! 🌱🦋

Since 2006, the ULB has been implementing a series of actions aimed at reducing the negative impacts of its activities on the environment. 🌿 How? By improving its energy and water consumption (via rainwater tanks, the modernization of the data center and the renovation of their buildings, among others) by adopting sustainable purchasing practices, both in supply chains and in catering services (fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables, local, organic and/or fair trade products, ...) by promoting urban biodiversity and offering sustainable mobility solutions... 🚲 The ULB is making increasingly demanding commitments and the achievements are multiplying, and that... We love it! 💚

Also, did you know that at the ULB, education goes far beyond the lecture halls? 📚 For example, the university has integrated several national and international networks of higher education institutions (CIVIS, ARES, UNICA GREEN and the International Sustainable Campus Network, in particular) thus working in synergy on sustainability issues. These structures are essential for exchanging their (super) ideas and good practices... Essential for tomorrow! 🤝 

So, do you want to join a pleasant and sustainable living environment, in the middle of the green and lively campuses, in the heart of the city? A stimulating work environment with its effervescent, committed, supportive, multicultural and diverse spirit? An institution ambitious in terms of its dynamism, its skills and the creativity of its teams (with exciting and varied professions)? You may be one click away from your new job! 🤩

A free spirit since 1834

40,000+ students

40 Bachelor's and 180 Master's degrees

6 Nobel Prizes

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With more than 5,300 staff members and a wide range of professions represented (from administration to scientific laboratories, including communication and engineering, positions are open to all, whether you have a university degree or not !), the ULB is one of the largest employers in the Region... But that doesn't mean that she forgets the well-being of her employé.es: whether it's the academic body, the scientific body or the administrative, technical, management and specialized staff (PATGS), all the teams are pampered (and we'll explain how)! ✨

Beyond health and diversity issues, the responsible employment policy established at ULB is reflected in a career management policy that should enable everyone to change jobs, develop their careers and anticipate changes in professions and professional practices. 💼 The university also places great importance on work/life balance, with telecommuting options for more flexibility! 

And since well-being also rhymes with fun and conviviality, each entity organises its own events, creating unique experiences depending on the department (the recruitment team, for example, likes cooking workshops and escape games 🧑 🍳), while being part of the ULB family ! Among the many significant events common to all, we find the picnic and the staff ball, appointments eagerly awaited and celebrated with impatience (and joy) every year, we are told! 🎈🎉

Join an institution with strong societal values, where you will be supported for the long term throughout your career and surrounded by a great committed team ? The ULB is waiting for you! 😀




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Our commitments to sustainable world

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Faced with the climate emergency and the mobilization of its university community, the ULB adopted a Climate Plan in 2019: a concrete roadmap to reduce the University's impacts in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen scientific knowledge, which is essential to accelerate the transition to a decarbonized society. As a first objective, they aim to reduce their CO2 emissions by -13 to -14% by 2030! 🌱

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The ULB's activities generate a lot of travel : more than 40% of its carbon footprint... But in 2021, 19% of ULB employé.es come to work by bike (a share that has more than doubled in 7 years!), 70% of é and 42% of employé.es travel by public transport and 22% of é come in active modes (walking or cycling)! 🚋 In addition, the ULB works with the local authorities to guarantee accessibility to its campuses : shared cars, cycle paths, public transport links and connections to train stations, etc. Encouraging figures that will continue to grow, that's for sure! 📈✨

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Did you know that more than 50 ULB research units devote all or part of their work to issues that contribute directly or indirectly to the Sustainable Development Goals ? 🧑 🔬 From climate to biodiversity, energy, housing, inequality, migration, health, citizenship, gender equality, governance, etc... No subject is left out!

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Solutions exist at ULB to eat in a sustainable, healthy and affordable way, while respecting everyone's diets: a vegetarian or vegan hot dish and a balanced and cheaper dish (Smart dish) are offered every day (which represents 17% and 13% respectively of the dishes sold in 2021)! 🍽️🥕 In addition, the offer is regularly reviewed to include more fresh and seasonal vegetables and fruits, increase the share of local, organic or fair trade products... 🥗 We love it (and so do our taste buds)!

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The ULB has planted 5,300 m2 of roofs and has no less than 45 specimens of rare, old or remarkable trees! 🌳🌲 This green capital is all the more maintained by the regular planting of new trees at Solbosch and  differentiated management (a reasoned approach to the management of green spaces) within their various campuses: late mowing, choice of native species, compensation principle, etc. 🪺🌷🐝Clean air in the middle of Brussels, we want more!

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Girl Power! The ULB was the first Belgian university to enrol female students, to appoint a female assistant, to appoint a woman professor, to see a woman appointed to the Rectorate. She opened the first city for female students, the first university crèche and the first family planning centre. 👏❤️

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Because studying at university involves many costs, the ULB supports its é and offers them various forms of assistance. A concrete example? As part of its policy to fight against student precariousness, the ULB offers its Smart and Vegetarian dishes at the social rate of €2 in order to support é in difficulty, in addition to the provision of a Shared Fridge (Collectif Récup asbl). Also, the Welcome Desk for Refugees welcomes and accompanies refugee é (or those awaiting this status) individually in all their procedures, before, during and after registration at the ULB. Essential support for those who need it most! 🫶

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