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Cleaning your menstrual cup with ease, anywhere and anytime ? It's now possible thanks to Tulipal !

Tulipal is a committed medtech start-up that innovates in a sector that is still neglected: menstrual hygiene!  Their ambition? Contribute to the demystification of menstruation and the emancipation of menstruating people, while promoting the ecological transition. To do this, the start-up has designed a portable cup cleaner like no other with a group of users... It is a portable, practical and ergonomic device that allows you to clean your cup with ease. No more trips to the toilet without a private sink, which are generally a hindrance to the adoption of the cup. Tulipal facilitates the transition to reusable and zero waste protection while having an awareness-raising role!

Indeed, the start-up wants to break the existing taboos around menstruation, ensure inclusivity, but also fight against period poverty through articles, infographics, booklets, collaborations with NGOs... Tulipal wants to make it easier for all menstruating people to experience their periods more easily, healthily and ecologically !

For Tulipal, it is essential that their system is consistent with their ecological values. That's why the cup cleaner is designed, developed and soon manufactured locally in Brussels. In addition to this, other complementary innovative products are developed at Tulipal, such as a 2-in-1 device to clean and sterilize your cup, or a cup that is easier to fold...

The start-up has been rewarded many times for its commitment and innovation. Among the various victories, it was elected Student Start-up of the Year 2021 and Winner of the Transition Awards in 2020.

The start-up is in the midst of launching and is looking for committed talents who share their exciting and ambitious vision! So, are you ready to change mentalities with them?

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Student Start-up Award 2021

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Joining Tulipal means working alongside a young team, driven by strong ecological and social values, and above all super close-knit !

The members of the team like to get together at lunchtime around board games, especially werewolves: it's the best way to know who lies best in the team. After-work drinks in bars are also welcome at Tulipal. Their favorite cocktail? The spritz of course! In addition, they love to attend exhibitions or conferences related to the themes of gender equality and ecological transition.

Who says Tulipal, says 0 taboos! Laughter and discussions around debunking rules are commonplace within the team. At Tulipal, you will evolve within a dynamic and open-minded structure, which will allow you to have a positive impact on the start-up and society in general.




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As you can see, one of Tulipal's fundamental values is the ecological transition.

Every year, disposable menstrual products represent a considerable amount of waste for the planet. Every month, 325 million of these products are used and thrown away in France and Belgium. Tulipal wants to accelerate the movement towards the adoption of reusable protections such as menstrual cups, which represent a zero-waste alternative and are more environmentally friendly.

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Since nothing is left to chance at Tulipal, the cleaner has also been developed using an eco-design method. It has been designed to be easily dismantled to allow the recyclability of the product at the end of its life and facilitate repair.

For Tulipal, there is no question of producing on the other side of the world! The start-up promotes local production and works with Belgian partners for both the production and assembly stages.

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At Tulipal, gender equality is a daily struggle. The team engages in three main areas related to menstruation. First, they aim to change attitudes. To do this, they work closely with NGOs and other local actors by conducting awareness campaigns (conferences, workshops, etc.) in order to demystify menstruation and put an end to menstrual taboos. Today, one of their main projects is a collaboration with La Cambre, where they seek to reach non-menstruating people to raise their awareness of menstruation-related syndromes, the cost of menstruation, the mental load of menstruating people... Secondly, Tulipal has an awareness and information hub. The start-up wants to inform as many people as possible through books on periods, infographics, videos on their social networks, etc. Finally, their third axis is to fight against period poverty. On International Women's Day 2022, for example, the team distributed free reusable period products to students in precarious situations.

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The two co-founders do everything to be consistent with the values conveyed by their product and this is the reason why we are proud to support them.

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