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TTR Energy

A dynamic player in the energy transition

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Imagine a world where every gust of wind and every ray of sunshine contributes to a greener future... This is the vision of TTR Energy, a pioneer in the field of renewable energies for more than 15 years! ☀️

The company stands out for its holistic approach that encompasses the entire project process: from development to financing, from construction to operation of wind and solar farms, TTR Energy is not only a player in the sector, it is a true architect of the energy transition!

And if we had to name just one (among many others) successes of the company, it would be the construction of the largest onshore wind farm in France (126 MW):  a technical tour de force and an important step for European energy independence. 🌟

At the helm is a multidisciplinary and dynamic team, which perfectly embodies the balance between professionalism, passion for innovation and ecological commitment. It's also a company that's on the rise! 🌬️


Wind & Solar Farms

The largest onshore wind farm in France

Active support from local communities

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The TTR Energy spirit? A perfect combination of seriousness in their goals and celebration of their achievements. 🎉 Team building activities, such as the annual football and regatta (yes, you read that right), are not only distractions, but also opportunities to strengthen bonds and celebrate successes together, such as the company's 15th anniversary celebrated in the mountains, create lasting memories, and build team spirit. 🏔️

The team alone represents a range of talent, with skills ranging from cutting-edge engineering and sustainability strategies to sales and engineering roles. The red (not to say green) thread that unites them? A shared vision: to accelerate the energy transition for a cleaner future. 🌱 

And to top it all off, TTR Energy encourages continuous learning and offers regular training to enable everyone to improve and innovate ... Renewable energy, sustainable passion! 💚




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The company is powering the energy future with its wind and solar farms, significantly accelerating the transition to a sustainable future. 🌎 Their projects contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint, and thus provide clean and renewable energy.

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TTR Energy has completed 41 projects, 202 wind turbines and 553 MW with a total investment value of €1,204 million. An impressive track record, isn't it?

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TTR Energy actively supports local projects where their wind turbines are located (municipalities, associations,...). A real breath of fresh air that warms our hearts! 💚

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