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Want to change the world by working in a bank that makes a difference? As a pioneer in ethical banking and global impact investing, Triodos is proving that money can be a powerful driver of change! 🌍💰 Founded in the Netherlands in 1980, Triodos transparently finances sustainable entrepreneurs and organisations with the money that savers and investors entrust to them. 

Their mission ? To create a society that protects and promotes the quality of life of all its members, with human dignity at its centre. The projects they defend are concrete and have high added value, whether they are social, cultural or environmental. And it's this reputation that has propelled them to the top of the ranking of sustainable banks in Europe (no less!). 🌱

What makes Triodos so unique is its commitment embodied in their corporate culture. Whether it is in terms of the environment (circular move to a new sustainable building, achieving net zero emissions by 2035 at the latest via their " As One to Zero " objective), well-being (choice of work arrangement, flexibility, agreeing on a personal development plan, structural volunteering, possibility of internal mobility, diversity and inclusion,...) or sustainable financing, We can't find anything to complain about other than: hats off! 🎉

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A team that transcends traditional boundaries of work? Exactly! At Triodos, a true collaborative ecosystem, well-being and inclusivity are the key to a fulfilling working life! Benevolence, friendliness, respect, transparency, humanity, sharing,... 🤝 A warm atmosphere that is a vector of change, what more could you ask for?

Triodos attaches particular importance to its co-workers, their well-being and happiness at work being a priority: freedom in one's working rhythm, teleworking or in the office, flexibility for family life, possibility of development and internal mobility, structural volunteering (tutoring in a school, logistical help in the distribution of food parcels,...), access to fitness and meditation classes,... A wide range of possibilities to chart your career while being aligned with your values! 🤗

And to top it all off: teambuildings, drinks and afterworks, Spanish lunchtime hostels, children's Saint Nicholas, lunch sessions, ad hoc events (in 2023, it was the famous Bruges Marathon),... There are so many opportunities to come together, celebrate and develop the team spirit at Triodos! 👫📊🌿

Every year, the ethical bank evaluates the satisfaction of its team and listens to their feedback. In fact, we are told that the main reasons why candidates who want to work at Triodos are motivated by the atmosphere, their efforts for diversity and inclusion , and collegiality... Boring, the world of finance? Certainly not!




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Did you know that Triodos was the first bank to finance a wind turbine (back in 1985)? 🌬️ And that in 2015, it participated in the creation of the PCAF standard, which allows financial institutions to measure the carbon footprint of their credits and investments?

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Triodos aims to achieve net-zero emissions by 2035 at the latest through their ' As One to Zero ' programme. Whether it is for its loans or its investment funds, the ethical bank supports the most ambitious scenario of the Paris Agreement: limiting the increase in global temperature to 1.5°C. 🌍

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Every year, Triodos provides financial support to more than 80,000 customers and businesses in Belgium, and around 750,000 across Europe, for their ethical and social projects (non-profit organisations, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, small convenience stores, ,...)!

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The building in which the Triodos team is staying is BREEAM certified, an international sustainability standard for the built environment. 🏢🌿 The must? The "Outstanding" rating, results of the high performance of the structure!

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"What is the positive impact we can have?" is the question that the Triodos team regularly asks itself. Result: fundraising for various causes, vegetarian catering, coffee (and chocolate!) Fairtrade, carrying out a circular move, Diversity & Inclusion committee... Sustainable, right down to your fingertips!

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A few more encouraging figures? Triodos has produced 29.5 million organic meals per year and co-financed 611 renewable energy projects, with a total production capacity of 9,100 megawatts! 🌱

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