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Collective intelligence for societal impact

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Solving social problems around the world through collective and collaborative intelligence, that's what The Synergist is all about! 

An independent, neutral and non-profit structure, the non-profit organisation aims to bring together a whole ecosystem of individuals, organisations and complementary institutions who fight to find concrete and sustainable solutions, in connection with major themes such as the provision of healthcare, precision medicine, maternal health, environmental impact, and much more... Each player therefore brings his or her own footprint to the network and thus creates a virtuous circle! 👥🌍

The Synergist therefore positions itself as a creator, catalyst and mediator of societal synergies around the world, providing documentation and tools

But that's not all. One of the great pride of The Synergist is their location in the four corners of the planet. A true cosmopolitan organization with several teams around the world, The Synergist thinks big and never stops expanding... And Brussels is not to be outdone since everything is "controlled" from the Belgian offices! 🙌

A non-profit organisation with strong values that embodies change, we want more! 🚀

Structure with an independent societal purpose

Collaborative Leadership

International Reach

14 nationalities represented

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How can we talk about The Synergist without mentioning their fiery team, spread across the globe ? Yes, the non-profit organisation is open to the world and it starts at the heart of the team! Did you know that there are no less than 14 different nationalities ? An equation in which Brussels obviously plays an important role! 🌍

And to connect them, there is only one common thread:  the unerring desire to catalyze transformation and reshape the world for the better. To achieve this, we can count on the embodiment of The Synergist's core values , within the offices themselves: a supportive, dynamic, collaborative team, rich in cohesion and a strong team spirit, driven by the fervent desire to shake up the codes, open to creative ideas and the idea that every personality has its place. In short, a space where you feel good and where you can evolve freely, it's a nugget! 💛

The little extras that are not negligible? Twice a year (in summer and winter), the entire team meets off-site to share convivial moments and consolidate international ties (in addition to all the usual life moments): a monthly lunch and regular afterworks are on the agenda, enough to feed the Synergists' engine of goods vibes throughout the year!

If you're ready to join The Synergist, the onboarding has already begun! 🚀




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The Synergist practices collaborative leadership to nurture and deliver change in a sustainable way, through collective initiatives for the planet. A virtuous circle that propels all its players towards individual and organizational success, but also collective success! Together, we definitely go further! 🤝

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The Synergist has designed and manages 3 programs related to emblematic social issues around accessibility to oncology medicine, motherhood (from conception to birth) and the development of pharmaceutical research. They also participate in other programs, always related to health: reinforming the population and countering isolation due to rare pediatric diseases, Dengue fever,... A real (res)source of enlightening information! 🧑‍🔬

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With more than 3 million invested in the search for sustainable solutions, we can take our hats off to The Synergist for its contribution to the world of tomorrow! 💰🌱

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The Synergist works in collaboration with notable partners , such as several national foundations for medicine (The Parkinson's Foundation, Alzheimer Europe Foundation,...) major hospitals and prestigious universities (Oxford, Newcastle, Madrid, Geneva, London,...).

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Like a funnel, The Synergist acts globally and internationally, while having a positive impact on the local level. From sharing knowledge to concrete know-how, the non-profit organisation is committed on all fronts!

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The Synergist is currently working to broaden their impact on the environmental sector. How? This includes studying the impact of climate change on health outcomes. 🌾

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Mixing the old and the new, this is one of the spearheads of The Synergist. Yes, to move forward in an effective and sustainable way, there is nothing like connecting proven previous initiatives and innovative strategies for the future (digital, communication, reflection,...)! It also fosters collaboration between various sectors and creates a nice convergence of ideas !

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