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From Borneo to Timbuktu, from the icy winds of the Far North to the heat of the Saharan desert... It makes you want to escape, doesn't it? In a responsible and committed way, of course! And for that, Terres d'Aventure takes care of it! 🤠 For more than 45 years, this insatiably curious company has been organizing unforgettable trips, exploring the great outdoors and the most beautiful mythical places on our planet. The undisputed leader in adventure travel, Terres d'Aventure offers hiking, trekking and cycling trips, allowing thousands of adventurers to discover the world every year. 🏕️

Committed to a philosophy of slow travel and discovery, their approach is guided by a deep respect for local cultures (collaboration with local guides, natives of the country visited, fair and direct remuneration, meals cooked from local products from neighboring farms, often organic,...) and a strong commitment to environmental protection and sustainable tourism, which is reflected in 100% carbon emissions absorbed trips, thanks to reforestation projects ! 🌿✨

Preserving the environment while travelling: check. But that's not all, Terres d'Aventure is also a company with a strong social commitment ! Yes, in addition to absorbing all the carbon emitted by their travels, they finance many aid programs around the world through their sponsorship actions and through their corporate foundation Insolite Bâtisseur-Philippe Romero, especially with migrants. They also distribute more than a third of their profits to their employees each year, creating a real sharing of the company's revenues! We love it, do you? 🧡

Every year, Terres d'Aventure welcomes new passionné.es eager to turn their love of travel into a career, joining a dynamic team... And sporty ! Did you know that in 2023, a dozen Terdavians (their nicknames) took part in the prestigious Marathon des Sables, challenging the dunes of the Moroccan desert. 🏜️ This extreme event is a testament to their endurance, determination and commitment to the toughest sporting challenges. This inspiring performance reflects the team spirit, resilience and surpassing oneself that drives each member of the team... We take our cap off them! 🧢

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Taking care of the teams : this is another strong commitment of the Terres d'Aventures team... And there is nothing like examples to illustrate this: sports classes or massages at lunchtime, weekends and preferential rates for cultural events and cinema... Everything for a healthy and relaxed collaboration, in short! 🤗 Also, no need to remind you that parity and employee well-being are priorities, ensuring an inclusive and balanced work environment , right? It goes without saying!

As you now know, the commitment to sustainable development is at the heart of their mission. Terres d'Aventure integrates eco-responsible practices in all their trips... But also at home! In addition to their eco-gestures at the office, their commitment includes a soft mobility policy embodied by the fact that all members of the Brussels team travel by bike (or on foot) ! One small step for mankind, one big step for the planet! 🚲🌍

But Terres d'Aventure doesn't just organize trips, they create unique professional experiences! ✨ Their annual events such as Christmas meals, small restaurants with the team, sports outings, as well as training trips abroad, strengthen the bonds between colleagues, creating a friendly and supportive atmosphere throughout the year. During the Christmas period, for example, the teams from Lille, Strasbourg and Brussels gathered at the Lille Christmas market, sharing warm moments outside the usual professional setting... 🥰 Memorable memories, we are told!

Notice to the sustainable tourism and hiking passionné.es (all with high added value) that lie dormant in you... Terres d'Aventure is the committed company for you, don't doubt it! 🧭




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At Terres d'Aventure, a specific ethical charter is applied to each country explored. Before each trip, their customers are made aware of the cultural and environmental aspects of the chosen destination: information on respectful practices to adopt, tips on how to interact appropriately with the locals,... A real canvas for their first steps! 🗺️

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Particularly sensitive and committed to climate issues, Terres d'Aventure contributes to absorbing 100% of the greenhouse gas emissions of all their trips, whether they are related to air transport, land activities, customer trips or the activity of the company and their employees. How? Thanks to reforestation projects! Yes, to compensate, the company plants trees, mostly mangroves, which are the trees present in the mangroves. On average, to absorb one tonne of carbon, Terres d'Aventure must plant 9 trees. 🌱

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Each year, CO2 absorption calculations are carried out for each project and are regularly audited by independent bodies (VERRA, GOLD STANDARD) to attest to their veracity. 📜 An example? To cross Sicily, guests travel alone for 12 days, sleeping in hotels, the total of the trip is... 882 kg of CO2 or 0.8 tons! A no-frills calculation for a 100% conscious trip!

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Through the trips offered by Terres d'Aventure, opportunities for authentic and enriching encounters are created, allowing for better mutual understanding and respect for cultural diversity. This is why cultural exchange between their customers and local populations is encouraged and encouraged! 🧑‍🤝‍🧑💛

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In the offices of Terres d'Aventure advocates a sustainable consumption of materials and resources. ♻️ Whether it's using PEFC recycled paper, managing their computer equipment, selective sorting, installing low-energy LED lights, using eco-responsible cleaning products or subscribing to Enercoop green electricity... All means are good to do your part of the hummingbird! 🐝✨

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