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The healthy and responsible Poke Bowl!

  • Healthy Eating, Responsible consumption
  • Brussels, Province of Walloon Brabant

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If we say Tadao, do you answer...? Poke Bowl, of course! A true Brussels rising star with Hawaiian flavours, this family business specialises in healthy, tasty, customisable and quick Poke Bowls. 🍍🥗🥑

This adventure was born from a culinary love at first sight between the family of managers and the Poke they tasted on New Year's Eve 2017, in Australia. This dish has fuelled many passionate discussions within the family cocoon... And we can say that they brought back more than just memories of this round-the-world stopover! Today, the founders of Tadao have the joy of managing two restaurants, in Ixelles and Waterloo. 🎉 A success story as we like them since, for the record, they have not closed a single day since their opening, two months before the Covid period! And our little finger tells us that this is not the last time they will celebrate an opening... #spoileralert

At Tadao, we go all out to welcome customers: in addition to offering a healthy and balanced diet, all their Poke Bowls are prepared with fresh and high quality ingredients... 🍴🧡 All sprinkled with smiles, passion and love. What is certain is that our taste buds are not done feasting! 

Hot cocoa to join the big Tadao family? Whatever your profile, we promise you won't be a number!

Healthy Eating

100% Belgian

Dynamic family business

REB Laureate

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One team, one goal! At Tadao, the mission is to provide quality service and food. But working within the Tadao brigade also means joining a close-knit and dynamic multicultural team, where each individual really counts. 👨 🍳 Whatever your level, your origin or your skin color, the most important thing is to be passionate about cooking, quality, service, and to share common values such as humility, trust, reliability, benevolence, enthusiasm and team spirit (with a smile on top of that, of course!). 😀

The strength of the team lies in the closeness and relationship of trust between all the members who make it up. By the way, Tadao is also students! Did you know that there were about fifty of them in the team? For the record, the students who started the Tadao adventure at the opening have finished their studies this year and are launching themselves on the job market... An element that touches the bosses, who let their little protégés fly, and that makes them just as happy when they see them share their knowledge and experiences with the newcomers. 🤗 A family spirit in a thriving business, what are the people asking for?

So, are you ready to join a fire brigade where fun and excellence go hand in hand? Where all profiles, from a white collar or apron, are welcome? Here we go! 🚀




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Our commitments to sustainable world

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The containers used for the Poke Bowls are compostable. The cutlery is made of paper and the chopsticks are made of bamboo. But Tadao also offers a reusable ( winning) alternative to its customers. Indeed, a discount is made at each checkout... Enough to encourage as many gourmets as possible to take their containers with them!

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Tadao does its best to favor fruits and vegetables from local, short circuit and seasonal producers, whenever possible. Their fish is fresh, of high quality and certified sustainable (MSC label and ASC labels). 🐟

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Making healthy ( for body and mind) and tasty food accessible is the leitmotiv of Tadao's managers and the reason why they believed in their project.

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At Tadao, people are paramount. No matter where you come from, your skills, or what color your skin is, as long as you have the team spirit, determination, and fervent desire to provide exceptional customer service, you'll have your apron. 👨‍🍳🧡

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In the drinks section, you will find many organic brands, kombucha and other healthy Belgian beverages! When the temperatures drop, Tadao serves delicious homemade soups. And for the sweet touch, the desserts are also homemade (except for the tasty homemade iced mochis)! 🍫🥤

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