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"Changing the world, one swap at a time"

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At SwapBox, we're here to inspire and help everyone reduce single-use packaging waste. It must have happened to you to have food delivered to you, taste it and throw the packaging in the trash just moments later. What a waste!

That's where SwapBox comes in! SwapBox is a reusable packaging service offering canteens, restaurants and corporate offices a convenient way to achieve zero waste.

With operations in Brussels and Amsterdam, we have helped more than 100 companies and 3000 users save more than 20,000 disposable packages. The more of us, the greater the impact!

"Changing the world, one swap at a time"

Fight against single-use waste

Reusable food packaging

Netherlands & Belgium

Multicultural team

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The launch of SwapBox in Brussels was a great challenge, but above all a great success for the team. They have managed to grow their business, double the size of their team, and exceed their initial goals. They are now more energetic than ever to share their vision with their partners and users !

They offer freedom and flexibility to make work as rewarding as possible. Joining the SwapBox Family means joining a growing project and an open-minded multicultural team in which you can be proactive, make mistakes, and most importantly: have fun and grow together.

They host weekly team meetings, weekend getaways, and zero waste community days.




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They help restaurants save money on their packaging, and allow their users to play an active role in protecting the environment. In Brussels, more than 20 partners have already joined their network, and they have convinced more than 300 users.

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Each SwapBox saves 50 grams of waste and 400 grams of CO2. In Brussels, in one month, they have already saved 15 KG of waste and 120 KG of CO2, and the adventure has only just begun.

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Their philosophy is based on the idea that a sustainable lifestyle doesn't have to cost more.

By offering a free SwapBox to users, they are acting to change consumption patterns by moving from "disposable" to "reusable "   

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They choose bicycles or electric vehicles for their business trips and they plant trees to compensate for their use of paper and printing.

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The good news is that they are always looking for new talent...

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