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Superzero (Eco-Tap) is the multi-award-winning startup whose mission is to enable everyone to reduce their daily waste.

To do this, they are developing 100% zero-waste cleaning product dispensers that allow everyone to reduce their waste production. Their vending machines are already available in about twenty stores. Their ambition is to be present in 300 stores by the end of 2022 and to develop their product ranges (Body, oils, etc.).

Thanks to their solution, we can significantly reduce the creation of single-use plastic bottles, water consumption (necessary to make these bottles), CO2 emissions (from the manufacture, transport and recycling of these bottles), etc. ♻️

Thanks to Superzero, already 986 kg of CO2, 4790 bottles and 14,292 litres of water have been saved.

Local & Zero Waste

Be-Circular 2020 Winner

Se'N'se 2020 Winner

Made in Belgium

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It is in the heart of Brussels, within See U (a social and sustainable innovation incubator with more than 100 projects) that Superzero has chosen to set up its offices.

Between two machine activations, they organize TopChef workshops, frenzied foosball sessions, and celebrate weekly victories around small beers in their beautiful recycled sofas!

The founders, Arthur & Olivier, are very attentive to their team, as training is offered internally to employees so that they can develop new skills.

Anecdote by Arthur: "During the development phase of our machines, a pump hose disconnected, spraying any surface cleaner literally all over the workshop. The afternoon quickly turned into an improvised foam party ;-)"




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Their bulk dispensers, as well as their soaps, are produced in adapted work companies, therefore employing people with physical or mental disabilities.

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They have a golden rule: Anything that can be built or sourced in Belgium will be built! Their soaps are produced in Wallonia, their distributors in Brussels, etc.

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In the long term, they plan to reduce the number of plastic bottles used in a household by a factor of 20.

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By optimizing their solution, they want to make bulk more and more easy and accessible, so that it becomes the norm!

Their products are Super Local, Zero Waste, and Super Efficient 🚀

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