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Superbon, Supersec and I Just Love Breakfast... 3 brands, a well-known Brussels company... Nice packaging with neat graphics, responsible production... You've got it on the tip of your tongue, don't you? That's right, it's Superstories that we're going to talk about today!

Mushrooms, fruit, granola, muesli, seaweed, biscuits, chocolates, crisps... This start-up, created in 2011 by Philippe Emanuelli, Michelin-starred chef and creator of flavors (no less!), undeniably has something to tantalize our taste buds! 🍄🍎

Eating better while taking care of the planet is a sustainable project that makes sense. Used to preserve the nutritional value of food, drying food makes it possible, for the same or even greater nutritional and taste values, to considerably reduce the ecological footprint linked to the transport of these foods. Exciting!

All sprinkled with 3 words of a few letters that make all the difference: organic, raw and bulk. 🌱 Simple, efficient and high-quality. What are the people asking for? (We know!)  

With a strong growth since their launch in 2011, the company is not only present in Belgium but also in our French friends (and does not intend to stop there). Who knows, maybe you'll be an integral part of this evolution? To make sure you don't miss a beat, take a look at the job offers!

Sustainable food

Organic, raw, dry and bulk products

Production in Belgium

Company of the Year 2012

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Located in the heart of Brussels, a stone's throw from the Marolles district and the Grand-Place, working at Superstories is above all about working for "better eating" on a daily basis, within a team where inclusivity, loyalty and benevolence reign.

In addition to evolving in the world of organic and responsible food, Superstories offers many (super) fun activities to employees: cooking workshop, airgames, restaurant, karaoke, Friday aperitifs, visits to production workshops,... With an average of 4 team building events per year, the start-up puts a fist of honour into pampering its employees... It's easy to see why they have the (dried) 😉 banana all the time

And to keep the potato (well, let's stop the puns, we promise!), the team has its little secret: move! While some people cycle to work, others go for a run or swim at lunchtime (Spoiler alert: a shower is at your disposal). Nice, isn't it?

The important added value for Superstories is the empowerment of employees. Seeing that your contribution to the collective project is impactful, there's nothing like it... And the first step is to look at the job openings below!




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The granola production workshop is based in Puurs, Flanders, where the cooking is done at a low temperature to keep all the essential nutrients . All without additives or preservatives. A local impact on our global health!

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Dry products offer many advantages such as: zero waste, easy to store and low ecological footprint on transport. 📦 That's right, the weight divides the loads by 10 to 20 times! All the more reason to adhere to the Superstories philosophy!

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Superstories produces organic and vegan food. 🌱

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The start-up fights to minimize waste and puts bulk in the spotlight as much as possible. For packaged products, PFC papers and compostable plastic are used.

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Superstories works with sheltered workshops (Manufast or Nektaris) as well as with the prison of Leuze. Inclusivity is embodied at the heart of the project!

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