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Buckle up because today, we're taking you into the world of Sparks Meeting, a vast 2,500 m² meeting playground with 12 themed rooms and an unwavering commitment to delivering a customer-centric experience from A to Z! ✨ At Sparks Meeting, the team believes that a successful meeting requires much more than just a room away from the city center and a ham and butter sandwich... That's why they've developed all-inclusive, impact-sprinkled packages that go far beyond the ordinary! 😎

Imagine meetings where every detail is thought out to inspire... Rooms all as modern and original as each other, copious and healthy 🍲 lunches, thematic toolboxes offered to boost, facilitate or entertain meetings... In short, a vast ecosystem of services and experts available to all, supported by a dedicated and caring team, ready to move mountains to achieve the meeting objectives requested by customers! 🚀

Located in the heart of Brussels, Sparks Meeting redefines the art of event planning by offering environments that stimulate creativity and promote local exchanges, both with their customers and their suppliers (carefully selected, within a radius of less than 50 km!). 💬 No more travelling to the other side of Belgium to create an extraordinary event! 

Last but not least, Sparks is proud of its B Corp and BREEAM certifications, testifying to their commitment to a sustainable environment. 🌱🤝 One thing is certain, whether it's for a small brainstorming meeting or a large corporate event, Sparks knows how to turn every meeting into an opportunity to make an impression... All that's missing is you as the icing on the cake! 🎂

Pssst... We are even told that Sparks Meeting is looking to expand in the Brussels region ! An opportunity to join a company that combines impact and ambition, all within the Capital! 🤩

Reinventing the company meeting

Serving 20,000 people a year

2500 m² of space in Brussels

BCorp certified and housed in a BREEAM building

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At Sparks Meeting, each member brings their unique expertise, contributing to a dynamic, relaxed and collaborative work atmosphere. 😀 Turning every meeting into a memorable experience and bringing humans together in a society that tends to drive them apart. Whether it's office managers, coordinators or place managers, each employee plays an essential role and brings a touch of pep, the one that makes Sparks sparkle so much! 🔥

Sparks Meeting organizes 2 to 3 teambuildings per year, mixing specific group themes and fun ! 🎈 But that's not all, "inspirational" outings, aimed at meeting and discovering players present in the Brussels hospitality and culture market, are regularly planned in order to always keep a foot in the stirrup...   And we won't forget to mention the convivial meals organized by their chef, a guaranteed treat! 😋 These moments of sharing and learning strengthen bonds and stimulate collective creativity, a real engine that propels Sparks Meeting a little more towards the stars every day! 🌟

The little extras? A great location in the heart of the hypercentre of Brussels (and therefore close to public transport), a stimulating ecosystem, full of ideas and meetings, in addition to access to coworking spaces everywhere in Brussels for all employé.es 💡

As you can see, joining Sparks Meeting means joining a passionate, daring and innovative team, where the right balance between pleasure, autonomy and ambitions lies. With certain opportunities for evolution and a meaningful mission,  we bet that you will feel like a fish in water! 🐬




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Our commitments to sustainable world

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As of December 2023, Sparks Meeting has been BCorp certified. This means that the company therefore meets high standards in terms of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. 🌱

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The company favours local suppliers : 90% of them are located within a radius of 50 km, thus building their long-term relationships and stimulating the local economy. A small step (literally) that makes all the difference! 🌍

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With more than 16,000 people per year , Sparks Meeting is well aware of its impact on a daily basis! On the menu, a program to fight against food waste and healthy and seasonal food cooked on site. Enough to titillate the taste buds while awakening the conscience! 🥗

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Sparks Meeting is housed in a BREEAM building, which assesses a building's environmental performance by taking into account a variety of criteria, including energy performance, water management, greenhouse gas emissions, indoor air quality, use of sustainable materials, and waste management.

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The company supports the center for people with disabilities "La Famille" by organizing a day of activities within their spaces, in addition to helping them finance structural projects in their buildings. But that's not all: Sparks Meeting also makes their spaces available to three to four NGOs per year! The heart on the sleeve for stars in the eyes! 💚

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