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Sociaago's mission is to give small local producers access to the Brussels market by optimising the distribution and marketing of their products.

Founded in 2020 by Olivier Van Cauwelaert, Sociaago is a cooperative focused on creating logistics hubs for small producers.

Indeed, the latter, making the effort to adapt their practices to respect biodiversity, find it very difficult to access the Brussels market due to their small offers and a lack of time and resources to take care of logistics.

Thus, Sociaago's food logistics hub brings together the products of small Brussels producers in one place and promotes the circular economy and short circuits. Distributors, restaurateurs and individuals can then benefit from a network of producers grouped together within the cooperative, thus facilitating order management and logistics.

In concrete terms, Sociaago therefore has two areas of activity. The main one, Third Party Logistic (3PL), consists of managing the control, storage, preparation and delivery of products from different producers to companies or individuals. As for the second activity of the cooperative, it is communication, in order to highlight local producers to the points of sale.

And because Sociaago is driven by the desire to give everyone a chance to develop their talents, the cooperative was keen to outsource the management of orders to Manufast, a company employing people with disabilities.

Do you also think that everyone should have access to healthy and local food? Then come and participate with us in the transition of the Brussels region towards food independence!

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Joining Sociaago means joining a young company in full swing. Indeed, within 2 years, the team will move to a warehouse at least 4 times larger. Thus, the potential for development within the cooperative is immense.

Working in this cooperative also means being in contact with impact players, such as Manufast, Supersec, Eat's Local,...

At Sociaago, you will also have a great deal of freedom in your management of work and logistics activities. In addition, the initial project leaders are always available and open to new ideas. Communication is transparent.

Finally, Sociaago regularly organises visits to its warehouse as well as open days. It was an opportunity for the team members to proudly present their work to make the food of the people of Brussels healthier and more sustainable!




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Sociaago supports local producers committed to a quality approach. In the Brussels Region, small producers are building their profession with passion and it is these that Sociaago supports through its project. Sociaago also favours actors who ensure that their waste and food waste are reduced.

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Manufast is Sociaago's long-standing partner. Through this Adapted Work Establishment (ETA), the cooperative directly and indirectly creates work for people with disabilities. Indeed, part of the logistics handling is carried out by Manufast. It is therefore a way for Sociaago to combine the values of sustainability and societal and environmental commitment.

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Diversity, choice, quality of products offered, but also short circuit, respect for the seasons and sustainable logistics with deliveries favouring soft mobility. In short, there is no shortage of sustainability values at Sociaago! According to them, these are the only ways to guarantee a better world.

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