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So' Bake It is the Belgian bakery brand that is 100% gluten-free, 100% organic and 0% preservatives that combines taste with the quality of yesteryear! A perfect harmony between flavours, tradition and ecology!

It was when she became a mother that Soheila, the founder of So' Bake It, decided to turn her passion into her profession: cooking at its most gourmet, putting her imagination at the service of the perfect harmony between flavors.

Having digestive problems related to gluten and being a big bread eater, Soheila decided to launch her own range... In 2013, So' Bake It was born!

9 years later, it's a success! Indeed, So'Bake It has been able to develop a wide range of bakery products but also pastries and pies (we love their Vegan Cookie). Their products are popular with all lovers of good breads and pastries, organic grocery stores as well as the most beautiful Belgian restaurants. Today, So'Bake It is a fast-growing bakery, a company that collaborates with many partners such as The Barn or Biovrac. This network of partners allows it to distribute its products in many regions in Belgium to the delight of our taste buds and the planet!

Award: So Bake It was voted "Best Bakery in the Region" in 2021 and 2022.

Tradition and environment

Bakery and pastry product range

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Preservative-free and gluten-free

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Good understanding reigns at So'Bake It. Mutual aid, listening and proximity allow the members of the team to make pastries that are always more conscious and delicious. Bound together by their passion for flavours, they give their all for the well-being of their customers and the planet. The opening of the bakery-pastry shop in La Hulpe in 2019 and the ever-growing offer of So'Bake It has only strengthened the cohesion of this dream team.

In addition to the great atmosphere that reigns at So'Bake It, the team does not hesitate to organize team building. Evenings and meals allow the 4 cultures that make it up to get to know each other better. Diversity is one of So'Bake It's proudest achievements! 

If you want to join this world of organic and good humor, apply to So'Bake It! 




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So'Bake It is an eco-responsible, artisanal and vegan bakery with 100% organic products. For founder Soheila, creating culinary works cannot contradict her goal of having the lowest possible ecological footprint. This is why it favours short circuits and local products. The raw materials used come from Belgium and the milk comes from the Ardennes. So'Bake It also makes sure that its fruits and vegetables are in season. 

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But the store's eco-responsibility doesn't stop there. So'Bake It is always very particular about his partners. This company makes it a point of honor to always work with partners who have the same ethics as them. Their flours come largely from the Bauckhof vegan shop, which ensures that the products are gluten-free and organic. The same goes for hardware. So'Bake It only uses compostable packaging.

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The packaging in general remains sober right down to the choice of inks and materials, chosen to reduce waste as much as possible. The same rules also apply in the kitchen: no waste or unnecessary energy consumption.

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All these points make So'Bake It an eco-responsible and positive impact company that we are proud to support at Meet My Job.

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