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Whatever your age, you've probably heard of Citizen Service. And if not, don't worry, we've prepared a great recap for you below!

The Platform for Citizen Service is a non-profit organisation that brings together more than 1000 host organisations (non-profit organisations, public services, etc.) around a common objective: the creation of a Citizen Service for young Belgians aged 18 to 25. And here, we are sure that the following question is nagging at you: "Yes, but what is a Citizen Service?" Butterfly minute, we're getting there! 🦋

To put it simply, the Citizen Service offers young people from all walks of life the opportunity to get involved in projects that are useful to the community, to invest in them for six months, at 4/5ths, while benefiting from a training program, an allowance and insurance. Isn't that cool?

Established in Belgium since 2011, this initiative exists in many European countries and allows you to give your time (and energy!) to projects and missions that make sense, whether in the sectors of personal assistance and solidarity, access to culture and education, the environment and education through sport, the organization of your choice welcomes you 4 days a week and provides tutoring and training specific to your missions, from a citizen perspective. So in addition to acquiring skills through experience, you will integrate the codes of citizenship. A perfect combo, right? 🤩

Every year, there are about 650 young people who join the Citizen Service... Ready to take the stats up for next year? Join the program!

700 host organisations in Belgium

For young people aged 18 to 25

Community-Benefit Projects

Learning, Tutoring & Training

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Did you know that some of the employees had done a citizen service themselves ? A serious asset that the non-profit organisation proudly advocates. Today, the team is made up of 70 people (and this is just the beginning!) who are passionate about their jobs and motivated by the daily observation of how beneficial Citizen Service can be for the young people who carry it out.

The Citizen Service team also meets during team building events such as their traditional Christmas dinner or local activities around sport and nature. Real moments of sharing and conviviality !

The little + that makes the difference? Every year, the young people who have carried out a Citizen Service are warmly thanked and highlighted at a closing ceremony at the Federal Parliament. An award that remains etched in everyone's memory! 😉




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50 %

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Based on equal opportunities and ensuring a social and cultural mix, the Citizen Service enables young people to better find their place in society and to project themselves into working life. 🍀

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With a catalogue of more than +- 1200 proposals all over Belgium, it's hard not to find the right shoe (close to home) among the missions on offer!

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Because 4/5 of your time in a local association, a municipal service, an NGO or a cooperative with a social purpose for 6 months is a real societal impact !

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To get a precise idea, a young person in Citizen Service commits himself 70% of the time to carrying out a main mission with a host organization, 10% to complementary missions and 20% to training, exchange time, joint projects, maturation time, orientation course and evaluation time.

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Concerned about their environmental impacts, business travel by bike and train is encouraged. There are also many missions in the environmental sector : educational farms, nature parks, second-hand shops, market gardening cooperatives, etc. or collective projects such as hedge planting, waste collection, etc. 👨 🌾 There's no excuse not to do your bit for the planet!

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With 6 branches in Belgium (Brussels, Leuven, Liège, Charleroi, Namur and Antwerp) and partner premises (in Tournai, Verviers and Libramont), accessibility is at the heart of the non-profit organisation. The goal? To enable as many young people as possible to be able to obtain information and get involved in a Citizen Service.

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Thanks to the Citizen Service, young people receiving unemployment, social or family benefits keep them during their missions. Jobseekers who have recently registered with Forem or Actiris continue their integration internship during the 6 months of their Citizen Service and are also exempt from actively looking for a job. It should also be noted that each young person in Citizen Service receives an allowance of €10/day (volunteering paid) and their travel expenses are covered (monthly ceiling of €100). 💰

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