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Every year, more than 90,000 people in Brussels who are unable to feed themselves call for food aid. At the same time, associations are struggling to source unsold food and redistribute it. Yet, a considerable volume of food is wasted. This is where Réseau Loco comes in, a group of logistics offices that work at the local level to supply food aid services. 

Aware of the necessity of food donations but also of the logistical constraints they generate, the supporters of Collaborative Logistics have got their hands dirty. Their action can be broken down into three stages. First of all, to take stock of the food needs in the area and then to combine expertise and logistical resources. Finally, Réseau Loco takes care of collecting, transporting and distributing unsold goods. The non-profit organisation ensures that its unsold goods are diverse, of high quality and in sufficient quantity to meet the needs of organisations. 

This concerted effort requires the involvement of both associations and the public sector, namely the municipality and the Public Centre for Social Action (CPAS). Companies, foundations and individual donors also participate in the work of Réseau Loco for better access to food. And it's not in vain since nearly 3,000,000 meals were served in 2022! This success was confirmed by being a finalist at the Food Waste Awards in the "Changemakers" category the same year.

If you, too, are convinced that eating your fill is a right, join Réseau Loco without delay! 

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Réseau Loco is now made up of 8 logistics branches spread throughout the Brussels-Capital Region. Determined to act for access to food for all, actors such as the Red Cross and the municipality of Schaerbeek have joined the network.

To address food issues, 3 new employees are expected to join the Loco Network team in early 2023. As the first constituents of the association, they should be the pillars of a rapidly expanding group.

If you too want to take action against food waste, join the Loco Network dream team!




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Réseau Loco's activity has a positive impact in several areas. The proof is that it meets 10 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN! 

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Of course, Réseau Loco is a real added value in the food sector. The association improves the food aid provided in the Brussels region by facilitating the supply of food to organisations dealing with this issue. The logistical support that Réseau Loco provides can only improve the food well-being of the beneficiaries. Storage spaces, vehicles, everything is streamlined locally. Their logistics organization reduces the carbon footprint through its efficiency. 

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But the organization also has an impact on the health sector. By distributing fresh and healthy products to as many people as possible, Réseau Loco acts for public health. Fruits, vegetables, proteins, dairy products are becoming more accessible. And that's not to mention the fact that the organization trains unemployed people in logistics jobs, thus facilitating their professional integration. 

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And it is for all these reasons that we are proud to support Réseau Loco!

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